Purr-fect Catch! Cat Falls From Upper Deck, Saved by U.S. Flag

The age-old question of how the hell did he get up there? arose inside Hard Rock Stadium when a stray cat was spotted holding on for dear life from the incredible heights of the venue’s upper deck.

Crowds at the Miami vs. Appalachian State game watched in terror as the suspended cat appeared seconds away from fatally falling into the stands.

When the last claw gave out and the feline began to plunge, the people below started going hiss-terical.

To everyone’s relief, the cat was saved by an outstretched American flag held up by fans. The flag broke the cat’s fall and sent a roaring applause throughout Hard Rock Stadium.

When the cat reached the ground safely, he was held up by a fan, Simba-style, to confirm that he escaped the incident with all nine lives.

A flag hailed for saving countless lives added another to its count on Saturday — with the purr-fect play on video rounding out the day’s highlights from college football.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I kind of fell through the flag and hit the floor. Who knows if the thing is dead at this point. I’m sure it hit the ground pretty hard. Whoever was trying to hold that flag had the right idea but they as soon as it hit they let go then it hit the ground. Then that moron picked it up and held it up like it was the Stanley cup. Poor little bugger, and I’m not a cat person.

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