The New ‘Purge’ Movie Sounds Like Woke Garbage: ‘It’s Really A Broken Country’

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The new “Purge” movie sounds like it’s going to be unwatchable garbage.

The first “Purge” film was a massive hit in the horror film. Despite having a small budget and taking place inside one house, the film was incredibly successful and grossed just under $90 million at the box office. The plot was very simple. All laws are suspended for 12 hours, and people can do whatever they want, including murder. It was a giant success.

The second film was also very entertaining, but there was a progressive slide in quality with the next three that followed.

“The Purge: Election Year” was comically bad and the series has never improved since. Now, it sounds like creator James DeMonaco wants to release the worst one yet.

Will the new “Purge” movie be awful? (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

The new “Purge” movie sounds like trash.

“So for me for 6, I was extrapolating on the discord and taking it to its furthest, as far as you can take that idea of what’s going on, I feel, in the country and the political landscape. And it’s a broken America. We’re remapping. [‘The Purge 6’] is about the remapping of America based on ideology, sexuality and religion, so that the states are broken down. You have your Black state, you have your gay state, you have your white evangelical state. And it’s really a broken country,” DeMonaco said during an interview with Collider.

James DeMonaco’s plan for the sixth “Purge” movie sounds awful. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for ReedPOP )

However, he didn’t stop there. The man responsible for creating the “Purge” series then decided to take a shot at Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“What’s so strange is that Marjorie Taylor Greene — I’m not gonna say more than her name there — recently wished for an America like that, which to me would be the most nightmarish version. It goes against everything that America stands for,” DeMonaco added.

This will be an absolute disaster of a movie.

The last thing people want to watch is a highly-politicized horror film. People watch horror films to enjoy the slasher elements.

They want to see some chaos, get some scares and see some blood flow. It’s not a hard formula to figure out. The first film was outstanding.

It was a bloodbath in the best of ways, and it was highly-entertaining. The second one, while not as great, was very entertaining.

For some reason, DeMonaco and others involved decided to go off the deep end after that and the quality has undeniably declined.

Now, he’s out there giving interviews talking about how the new movie will showcase how America is broken, and claiming it will include evangelical states, black states and gay states. Puke.

Who is going to watch that? I want a horror movie that gets my adrenaline rushing. Not a woke lecture about how awful America is. I can go to Ben & Jerry’s Instagram page if I need to hear anti-America propaganda.

Judging from the plot details, the sixth “Purge” will be hot garbage and just as unwatchable as the past few films. Hollywood just can’t learn its lesson. Give people a fun time, and leave the lecturing to talking heads on TV and politicians.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. Blacks and White progressives are always talking about leaving and moving someplace where the people they hate don’t exist. Seems like the premise of this movie addresses those wishes. Perhaps America would be better if we all lived with like minded folks. This diversity that is being pushed on us constantly sure doesn’t seem to be working.

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