Man Of The Publix…Messi Hits Florida Grocery Store; What Kind Of Pub Sub Guy Is He?

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Soccer superstar Lionel Messi is still about a week away from his first match with the MLS’ Inter Miami CF, however, his transformation into a bonafide Florida man is well underway.

The highly-prized footballer (“footballer” in the non-American sense), was spotted doing one of the most Floridian things you can do: perusing the wide, clean aisles of his local Publix.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of shopping at a Publix — which as they will be quick to tell you is “where shopping is a pleasure” — think of your local grocery store chain. Giant, Meijer, Kroger, Food Lion, whatever. Now think of that store with a deli that cranks out sub sandwiches way better than they have any business being when prepared by a grocery store.

Boom. Welcome to Publix.

The 36-year-old was seen cruising the aisles of a Miami Publix perhaps snagging all the buy-one, get-ones he could cram in his cart (as is the custom).

Yeah, that is definitely a Publix. I’d recognize those green shirts anywhere.

And speaking of recognizing things, Messi didn’t exactly fly under the radar. Not even in a country where there’s a decent chance pickleball becomes more popular than soccer.

The Big Question: What Kind Of Pub Sub Does Messi Order?

Now, here’s the important question: what kind of Pub sub guy is Messi? While Publix is known for chicken tender subs, I don’t think Messi going that route. He’s an elite athlete. I don’t think he’s going to be housing a big ol’ hoagie full of fried chicken (although when they go on sale that could be a different story).

I’m sorry to say this — and I hope I’m wrong — but I’m thinking Messi is a turkey sub guy. Not a fun holiday turkey sub with cranberry sauce on it either. I’m thinking he opts for high-protein, low-calorie, and dryer than Death Valley during a drought. Even oil and vinegar to give that sammich some zip are a few too many calories for World Cup Champ.

For someone like Messi, food is fuel for his body. For the rest of us, it’s a way to momentarily forget about a bad day.

Messi and his family seem to be settling into the South Florida way of life nicely. Before he hits the pitch for his first match, his new MLS team is expected to officially introduce him. That’s expected to happen during halftime of the Gold Cup Final.

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Written by Matt Reigle

Matt is a University of Central Florida graduate and a long-suffering Philadelphia Flyers fan living in Orlando, Florida. He can usually be heard playing guitar, shoe-horning obscure quotes from The Simpsons into conversations, or giving dissertations to captive audiences on why Iron Maiden is the greatest band of all time.


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  1. As a former employee during my college years, I can vouch for Pub Subs. Not the best subs out there but very solid choice. Same applies to the 8-pc fried chicken. What I can’t vouch for is the chicken tender sub. Definitely overrated. It’s a dry, meh sandwich. If I want chicken tenders, I’ll just order chicken tenders. Let’s just cut to the chase. Don’t need to wash down chicken with a loaf of bread.

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