PSL Holders Suing Titans For ‘Classic Bait And Switch’

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Eleven personal seat license holders are suing the Tennessee Titans, claiming the team has labeled them “ticket resellers.” obtained the lawsuit in which PSL holders allege that the Titans violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act and breached the ticket contract by labeling them as “ticket resellers,” entitling them to punitive and compensatory damages.

“[T]he Titans represented that PSLs had certain characteristics that they did not have,” the suit filed in a Nashville court reads. “Namely, the right to purchase season tickets at a fair and reasonable rate comparable to similarly situated seats, that the PSL owners had the right to transfer their PSLs and the rights contained within their PSL agreements, and that the PSL owners would be treated fairly and reasonably by the Titans and similarly to other PSL owners.” reports five of the plaintiffs reside in Tennessee, while others reside in other states, including Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

“In short, in a classic ‘bait and switch,’ the Titans appear to be systematically attempting to destroy the value of any PSLs owned by those whom the Titans deem ‘ticket resellers,'” records state.

The other complaints listed in the lawsuit obtained by include:

  • A lack of clarity about what defines a “ticket reseller.”
  • A “grossly inflated” price for season tickets for “ticket resellers,” as compared to what others pay in the same section or even the same row.
  • Only a two-week time window to purchase season tickets when other PSL holders were provided a much longer window.
  • No allowance for some to use a payment plan for some deemed to be “ticket resellers.”
  • Removed PSL-holder perks including “concession gift cards, special events, gifts, and, in general, email communications from the team.”
  • The loss of seat relocation based on tenure. reached out to the team, which said it cannot comment on active litigation.

Written by Megan Turner

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