Prove your love this Christmas with OKTC’s womens gift guide

Christmas is two weeks away. No doubt you’ve been distracted with college football and haven’t started shopping yet. With conference championship games over, let’s take a moment and talk about something that deserves equal amounts of your time and attention. (HAHA! KIDDING.) 

But seriously, what are you getting your girl for Christmas?

My dad requests a wish list each year complete with links and sizes and then buys from that list. Dads, take note. This is stress free for everyone involved. But gifts from boyfriends and husbands must demonstrate the depth of their love for us. It’s a test called HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME? The possible exception to this requirement is Clay, whose wife, I suspect, buys her own gift and tells him about it later. Respect, Lara.

If you’re reading this site, your significant other is most likely a Southern, stylish football fan. If she’s not at least 2 of those 3 things… well I’m sorry. That sucks. And not just because this gift guide isn’t for you. 

If she does meet these requirements, I can help you. Here are my 7 can’t-go-wrong gift selections. 

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag  

She can and will use this bag all the time. The style is especially useful for any occasion where one drinks too much (NYE, tailgates, baby showers… amiright??) since it attaches to your body like an appendage with the crossbody strap. Ranks highly on the difficult to lose scale and is thus the perfect marriage of form and function.

2. D&G perfume


I have a large perfume collection due to questionable showering habits based on Connie Britton’s hair advice. This is my go-to. It has a fresh and fruity scent (one of the notes is watermelon) that does not smell like oranges or come in a cheesy apple shaped bottle. The only downside is being unable to pronounce the name when asked what perfume she’s wearing. Which will happen often.  

3. Frye Harness 12R Boots  

I have never met a woman who doesn’t love boots, and these are particularly versatile- she can wear them with dresses, shorts, leggings, jeans… that’s everything, right? Buy these in Dark Brown Polished Stonewash if she does her tailgating in The Grove. Ole Miss girls are fancier. Elsewhere go with Tan. 

You may be balking at the price of these beauties. However, worn, scuffed Frye boots still sell for over $100 so the resale value is excellent. SEE. So practical! 

4. Gameday flats in her team’s colors 

HER team. Not your team. That’s important. 

5. Nixon Camden watch


Understated but beautiful. Feminine but not flashy. If that describes your significant other, get her this watch. It will look equally great with jeans, workwear or a cocktail dress. Rose gold is popular right now, but the all gold version is my favorite. The silver one is also nice. Match the watch to the color of her regular jewelry.

6. Speaking of jewelry… 

A jewelry purchase is fraught with peril. So first, a few tips. 

Don’t buy her a ring not intended to be an engagement ring if there’s any possibility she’s expecting one. It won’t matter how beautiful the ring is because it can never compete with the gift of MARRIAGE. 

Don’t get her the item that is inexplicably featured on every single jewelry commercial during the holidays. One year it was the circle diamond necklace. We can throw the Pandora charm bracelets in this category too. You know you’ve purchased one of these pieces if 1. You saw it during commercial break of a football game, 2. It’s heart shaped, or 3. It’s ugly. You have eyes! Can’t you see it’s ugly?!

Instead, try something like this gorgeous diamond and gold drop necklace


Or equally as lovely but half as expensive (in silver), these dainty, customizable ID bracelets

Suggested engravings: 

for my QB-worthy wife

<3 you more than golf

 #1 dog mom

Bonus gift: Sexy apparel like this OKTC t-shirt


Okay, so this is sponsored. But I do love my OKTC shirt. I wear it all the time and not just because I’m hoping to get recognized. Some day.

Between now and January 5th, email or tweet photos wearing your Outkick gear to enter the Out Kick Your Pants photo contest. The winning photo will be posted on and the winner gets a prize valued at $200. 

That’s it, fellas. Dazzle her this Christmas.  

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.