Props To The SEC, Big 12, And The ACC For Not Canceling Anything

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Alabama and Texas A&M are currently looking for replacements for USC and Colorado.

I believe the SEC wants to play not just a conference schedule but an entire slate of college football this season.

As a result, there are reports out there that Alabama and BYU want to open up in Week One — just over a month away now — and Texas A&M is out there looking as well for a new Week One opponent.

Props to the SEC. Props to Big 12. Props to the ACC for not canceling anything.

Look at the data. We should be able to play full seasons in college football. We don’t need to tuck our tails and run and hide like the Pac-12 and the Big 10 has done.

The overall trend lines — after a tiny little blip — are starting to move back down again. Deaths barely went up when cases tripled.

That’s a function of this virus not being very deadly. It’s a virulent version of the flu probably has a death rate of around .3 and that’s for all ages.  If you are under 65 years old, the death rate is nearly zero.

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  1. Don’t be worried PAC 12 fans, Gavin Newsom has declared it is acceptable to rock climb and take outdoor photographs. Maybe you could do this while the rest of America enjoys sports.

  2. Good decision. Now the key is to stick to your guns. You know the Coronabros will be trying to shame everyone into shutting down the season.

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