VIDEO: OutKick’s ProFootballDoc Breaks Down If ‘King’ Derrick Henry Will Be Ready For The Playoffs

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OutKick’s ProFootballDoc has been monitoring Derrick Henry’s injury journey all season and is ready to give an early outlook on the King’s return.

Though Tennessee anticipates activating Henry for the first time since Week 8’s foot injury, questions about Henry’s sustainability may keep him from getting the bellwether’s workload.

Henry’s return is the cherry sitting atop the No. 1-seeded Titans’ bid for the Super Bowl, and all eyes shift to the running back to gauge if he’s ready for the moment.

Dr. Chao broke down recent practice film to assess what we can expect from King Henry.


“He’s Derrick Henry. He’s going to play and he’s going to do well,” noted Dr. Chao, before addressing the player’s slight delay during drills.

“Look, that’s great … that’s not ‘King’ Derrick Henry,” Dr. Chao admitted. “He’s still getting better and better.”

As the Titans ease Henry back from a fifth metatarsal bone fracture, Dr. Chao cautions that Henry ought not to “over-stress” the mending injury.

“By video, he’s not quite 100 percent yet. Which is why we still see a split in the carries,” Dr. Chao commented.

In eight games this season, Henry produced 219 rushing attempts for 937 yards (4.3 YPA) and 10 touchdowns. A year removed from his 2,027 rushing yards, Henry can still add significant value to a Tennessee backfield that has been solid throughout his absence.

Tennessee zeroes in on a return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2000 in Super Bowl 34 against the St. Louis Rams. The Titans will need to rely on the strong foundation laid by Coach of the Year candidate Mike Vrabel, who’s prepared to distribute the load if Henry is at less than 100 percent. After all, Henry at 75 percent is still an improvement over 99 percent of all running backs.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. If Henry can just split carries with Foreman it will be game changing. 10-15 carries will give defenses PLENTY to worry about when he’s on the field. Let Foreman soften them up then bring in the King to pound.

    I’m sure Vrabel is slow playing this too. Better for teams to think “he’s not 100% and won’t get much work”. He’s been back on the field doing work almost two weeks now. We’re still another week and a half away. He’s got the time to work and test himself, so that the team will be confident in what he can do come game time. The fans will go absolutely nuts when he gets in the game.

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