WWE's Lacey Evans Left Her Mark On NASCAR Coca-Cola 600

WWE's Lacey Evans traded the squared circle for a giant oval and walked away a winner.

Lacey, on hand Sunday for NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600, had the pleasure of telling the drivers to start their engines. In doing so, Evans accelerated the heartbeats of red blooded males across America.

When the superstar took the mic, she did so while wearing a revealing black singlet, gorgeous smile, camo fatigues, and a well-placed shirt tied around here waist. Had the shirt come untied, viewers would've witnessed a much more cheeky start from Evans.

Either way, it was enough to get just about everyone's engines revving.

But make no mistake, Evans wasn't all style no substance. She took the mic like a pro (it was almost as if she talks into a mic for a living), belting out those four famous words with Buffer-like enthusiasm.

After serving as Grand Marshal for NASCAR's event, Lacey, a USMC veteran took time to thank our troops amongst others. Late Sunday she tweeted: "Huge shout out and thank you to NASCAR, Coca-Cola and WWE for allowing me the opportunity to spend memorial day weekend with incredible gold star families and our troops! Freedom isn't free and I can't put into words what their sacrifices mean to me as an American. #ThankYou."

And lest you think otherwise, Ms. Evans is as American as they get.

May want to check those engines for overheating.


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