Statesboro Bar Holds An Amazing Wrestling Night Featuring A Barroom Brawl Match

I have a friend who's a professor at Georgia Southern who says I have to get down to soak up the Statesboro experience with a few days in Savannah and Tybee Island. I've put it off for so long, but that's going to change after what went down Friday night at The Blue Room where American Premier Wrestling held a two-hour event.

The footage inside The Blue Room of the bar brawl match caused the hair on my arms to stand up. Bodies bouncing off the concrete floor. A trash can dumped on a wrestler. A guy getting drilled with a broom. Guys flying around in the crowd.

This is officially something I need to experience. There's something intriguing about being able to sit there and enjoy a shot and a beer while wrestlers enjoy a barroom brawl. This is the entertainment I need in my system. The wrestling went on for TWO HOURS. Imagine this place if COVID wasn't such a pain in the ass. Inject it straight into my veins.

Here's how the APW described the action inside the Blue Room:

BRANDON Bullock beat LIVE ACTION LUKE by dq. after Nero motioned for RIZZO to to the ring and he jumped Brandon. ROWE then came down for the save, and a tag match between the 4 stars was set by Commish Little T and it would be scheduled for the Main Event. Live Action Luke retained the title as belts don't change on a DQ. Their match went all over the Blue Room, including Brandon suplexing the champion on a pool table! We smell a rematch down the road!

Before one of you snowflakes starts thinking this is illegal behavior in 2020, the APW is approved by the state. "Per the guidance of and as required by law, the Georgia Athletic Commission and the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office has approved APW coming back and thus performing live for you the fans of the APW Nation. YEAH!!," the APW announced on its site.

The APW at the Blue Room is officially on the 2021 bucket list.


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