How Does WWE Superstar Edge Maintain His Diet? See How He Eats In A Single Day

When it comes to diet and exercise, there's not many better examples than those that do their business in the squared circle.

Yes, pro wrestlers are always working on their physiques, and one wrestler that very much is about taking care of himself is Hall of Famer Adam Copeland, otherwise known as "Edge."

The 47-year-old WWE star retired in 2011 due to several neck injuries, but after being cleared made his return to the ring two years ago at the Royal Rumble.

He missed most of 2020 after suffering a torn tricep, but made his return and won the 2021 Royal Rumble, setting up a main event match which he fell short in at the most recent WrestleMania to champion Roman Reigns.

Edge though knows that in order to stay a part of the company in a main event role it's all about maintaining his diet and exercise, and he knows full well that if you don't take care of yourself, you won't last long in the industry that so many people love.

In the latest 'Men's Health' video, Edge explains to the viewers what he's putting into his body on a daily basis, and how changing his diet has helped him in his comeback to the ring.

"I did something that I never did before, I watched my diet, but I didn't watch my diet," Edge explained.

"You're not going to out train a bad diet, and if you're not dialed in you're not going to see the results that you want.

"But that doesn't mean that if you are on a diet that it's a bad word that that you can't enjoy your food."

The "Rated-R Superstar" goes on to explain in the video his daily routine of what he eats, which includes oddly enough food from a meal prep company which he can quickly make and pop in a microwave.

You can see the rest of the video and get tips from the veteran wrestler below.

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