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Remember earlier this week when I told you guys about the 'VID baby bust? The NY Times is jumping on the bandwagon

On Monday, I wrote about how people just aren't banging like they used to, and they definitely aren't pumping out babies. Well looky here at what the New York Times is out with this morning. "Expect 300,000 fewer births than usual this year," the headline reads on the op-ed page where two economics professors lay out how the country will see a 'VID baby bust.

The professors write that this decline in babies could lead to a "loneliness" epidemic amongst children who never got that younger sibling due to the 'VID era. So not only have elementary kids been kept out of their schools and had their brains warped by their parents' harping on 'VID, but now these youngsters get to do all of this on their own without a sibling to play and build a lifelong relationship with.

U.S. birth rates fell from 4.3 million in 2007 to 3.75 million in 2019, and now that number is expected to drop another 300,000 for the 2020 baby cycle. The only solution, according to the professors? Immigration.

Or more responsible banging and lots of it. Debate amongst yourselves on this one.

• I'm sure you'll be seeing more about this on OutKick at some point today: Overtime.tv, a sports media company aimed at high school athletes, says it will start a basketball league for 16-to-18-year-olds that will pay players at least $100k a year. Let the war between Overtime and college basketball coaches begin because if they're serious with this money, this is going to be a bloody war over talent.

• The Florida Man who used scissors to cut off the penis of his wife's slam piece received a 20-year sentence on Wednesday. Guys, put the scissors away. Just divorce her and get your own new slam piece. Sure, the ex-wife's going to get your money, but at least you won't be giving up 20 years of your life to the prison system.

• It's that time of year when the NFL considers rule changes. Here's one to watch: an alternative onside kick. Teams would be given the opportunity to "try a fourth-and-15 from a team's own territory," according to the NFL Network. This proposal was floated in 2020 when people were focused on the 'VID. Teams would make the fourth down attempt from their own 25-yard-line. If you don't convert, the opponent takes over from the dead-ball spot. The analytics departments will be working overtime crunching the conversion-rate numbers.

It's already Thursday, it's Arnold Palmer Invitational weekend at Bay Hill, and I see 60s in the forecast next week. The energy level is starting to rise.

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