Bucs' Rob Gronkowski Challenges 'The Rock' To Wrestlemania Matchup

Rob Gronkowski is raising eyebrows after detailing his post-NFL plans.

The former Patriots and Buccaneers tight end said he’d like to face off against, or alongside, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at Wrestlemania.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Gronk extended a challenge/invite to headline a marquee Wrestlemania matchup with The Rock.

Gronk began by detailing his foray into wrestling as his first commitment, should he head back to retirement.

“It would definitely be a tag team match, no doubt about that. I just love the tag team aspect of everything, you know?” Gronk stated.

“It’s my first time, so I really wouldn’t want to be on my own doing a one-on-one match; I’ll be able to get help. And then grow into that role, maybe do a one-on-one match after a couple of tag teams. You know, my tag team partner can help me out with some moves and all that good stuff.”

Gronk then pitched a rock-solid suggestion for an opponent.

“Who would it be versus?" Gronk added. "I’m getting put on the spot. You know, it would be pretty cool to have The Rock come back and face The Rock or have him as my tag team partner. It would be cool to get a People’s Elbow, but it would also be cool to have him on my squad.”

As relayed by Wrestling Inc., Gronkowski signed a contract with the WWE, slated for multiple events, until he was released from his deal due to the pandemic.

The longtime tight end and Tom Brady teammate finished his second season with the Bucs after an interim period in retirement (2019) and a 10-season stretch with New England.

Should he skip the final year of his contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs, Gronk will be keen to jump in the ring and become a name in the wrestling world.

And what better way to climb the WWE ranks than by pummeling a worldwide icon.

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