Alexa Bliss Is Mourning The Loss Of Her Pet Pig

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss announced the passing of her pet pig, Larry-Steve, on social media Tuesday.

Bliss claims the animal died in severe pain after multiple veterinarians turned them away because he was too big, TMZ Sports reports. Bliss said Larry-Steve became "very ill" Monday, and his usual veterinarian was "not comfortable" treating him in his condition.

Bliss said she contacted 13 different vets, but none of them agreed to treat Larry-Steve. She said some cited his size as the reason.

The WWE superstar left Larry-Steve in the care of family members when she went to Monday Night Raw and spoke to her beloved pet on speakerphone on the way there, TMZ reports.

"It is heartbreaking that all I can do is just listen to him squeal in pain and no one will come help," she said. "No one will even just come and give him pain meds to help take care of his pain."

Wrestling fans became aware of Larry-Steve through his presence on social media and his appearances on the E! reality series Total Divas when Bliss was a cast member. Larry-Steve had his own Instagram account with nearly 90,000 followers.

Bliss adopted Larry-Steve as a newborn piglet on an episode of Total Divas.

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