AEW Full Gear is the Card of the Year. 5 Match Predictions.

In September, AEW, a two-year-old wrestling promotion, turned the page from an upstart alternative to perhaps the best quality promotion in the world. That includes the companies in Japan.

At All Out 2021, CM Punk returned to the ring for the first time in seven years, The Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers put on the match of the year, and AEW announced the signings of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole. All Out was the biggest night in AEW history.

Because November is historically a challenging month for wrestling since it has to compete with college and pro wrestling, AEW's Full Gear this Saturday will likely fall short of All Out's pay-per-view buys. However, Full Gear's match card, on paper, tops All Out's. And rather easily.

Here are OutKick's predictions for the show's top five matches:

Darby Allin vs. MJF

Darby-MJF is the hardest match to predict. As MJF says, he and Darby are one-half of AEW's "four pillars," along with Sammy Guevara and Jungle Boy, who will carry AEW into the future generation. So AEW has significant plans for both talents, not one over the other. In addition, both Darby and MJF lost at the last pay-per-view. Thus both need wins.

Conventional wrestling wisdom suggests AEW will thread the needle by having MJF win dirty, which furthers his status as a heel and protects Darby in a loss. If I were to bet, that's how the match ends.

Either way, this matchup will vie for the best of the night. I expect Sting to get involved and MJF's Pinnacle to earn their spots in what should be a four-star contest.

Prediction: MJF

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston has brought out an edgier side of CM Punk, which fans will begin to demand. AEW has nailed every element of this short build-up, namely the promo on last Friday's Rampage.

I tend to tune out after wrestling feuds go past the first match. However, Punk-Kingston could warrant a long rivalry, given their history dating back to Ring of Honor.

Their match should mirror more a brawl than an athletic exposé. Ultimately, one AEW performer will be the first to defeat Punk in a career-defining moment. I suspect that one will be Hangman Adam Page. Meaning, Punk wins on Saturday.

Prediction: CM Punk

AEW Women's Championship -- Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Tay Conti

Between her character and in-ring work, Dr. Britt Baker has been the best female wrestler of 2021. Subsequently, she's among AEW's top home-grown stars.

Baker's title reign isn't ending here, nor will it end anytime soon. The key to this match is Baker putting Conti over in defeat. 

Prediction: D.M.D

AEW World Championship -- Kenny Omega (c) vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

Elements of Omega and Hangman ooze Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. 

AEW began the Omega and Hangman storyline at the company's inception. Long-term storytelling, if you may. Likewise, WWE built up Reigns-Lesnar for over a year as the coronation of Reigns. Yet WWE shockingly booked Lesnar to prevail in the final week. I don't see AEW finessing the crowd on Saturday.

See, WWE fans were not sold on Reigns in 2018, though they should have been. Conversely, AEW's viewers are begging for Adam Page's moment. Fans have waited impatiently for Hangman to overcome Omega as both the champion and face of the company.

Omega and Hangman should have "match of the year" on their minds, a doable goal because of the duo's chemistry.

Four years from now, the wrestling industry will look back at Full Gear 2021 as the start of the Hangman era.

Prediction: Adam Page

Winner Receives a AEW World Championship Shot -- Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

Although Danielson-Miro won't main event the card, AEW will book the match with the ending of Omega-Hangman in mind.

Miro would give Hangman a notable heel opponent to ignite his title reign, but that's unnecessary for the moment.

Since coming to AEW, no one has been better than Danielson. He hasn't had a bout ranked below match of the week. Danielson-Hangman is the best title program AEW can book after Omega falls out of the title picture. It's also best for business.

As Dynamite, AEW's flagship program, shifts to TBS at the start of 2022, Danielson and Hangman ensure a level of interest few feuds could.

In the end, AEW needs to push Adam Page, 30, as a superstar. Doing so requires wins over Omega, Danielson, CM Punk, and Jon Moxley.

Prediction: Bryan Danielson

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