Pro-Abortion Protestors March To Homes Of Justices To Hold Vigil For Roe V. Wade

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Pro-abortion protestors chanting  “Keep abortion safe and legal” marched to the homes of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday night for what they dubbed “reproductive freedom.”

The protest began in Chevy Chase, Maryland, before finding their way to the homes of Roberts and Kavanaugh. There they held a “Candlelight vigil for Roe v. Wade.”

“Images of coat hangers could also be seen chalked on the street where the march took place,” Fox News reported. “A left-wing group called ShutDown DC is also planning on holding another protest outside of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s house on May 9.”

Many of the protestors carried umbrellas or wore raincoats as they marched through the elements to be heard. During the protest, ShutDown DC announced its plans to march to the home of Alito on Sunday.

“The evening of Monday, May 9, we will hold a vigil for all these rights that Alito is threatening to take away. Because it’s been impossible to reach him at the Supreme Court (especially now with the enormous fences), we will do it at his home. At 7:30 pm we will gather at a nearby location and walk together to his house. At the foot of his driveway, on the public street, we will light candles and speakers will share their testimony. We will hold a moment of silence for the rights we know are ours, then walk back together to the meeting location,” a description for the event said, via Fox News.

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  1. These ignorant fools IF this ruling would pass it DOES NOT end abortions it just sends it back to the states where if you still want to kill you could legally and safe for the mother that is not so much for the baby. And of course I imagine these same people are against the death penalty for heinous crimes but ok with taking out the unborn

  2. Every one of these goofy cunts protesting are uglier than a sack full of assholes. They’ll all go home and crank up the ole Briggs and Stratton dildo and probably do shit to themselves that I wouldn’t do to a farm animal. Uh, maybe I’m sharing to much with y’all!

    • I agree. They’re all crazy ass, purpled haired ugly fucks and marching/protesting gives their sorry ass lives meaning. Or so they think. Salty is right, it would go to the states to decide by ballot question, as it should.

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