President Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill, Avoids Government Shutdown

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President Donald Trump has signed the coronavirus relief bill, which will extend unemployment benefits and avoid a government shutdown. That news was confirmed by White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere via Twitter.

There had been concerns as to whether President Trump would sign the bill. The reason? He wanted to get rid of all the wasteful spending while putting more relief money into the pockets of American citizens.

As things sit, the bill signed on Sunday will not increase the amount given to Americans from $600 to $1,200. But Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted out soon after the news broke that Congress will vote on additional stimulus checks, as well as repealing Section 230.

This is obviously big news. It gives Americans much-needed money now, while also giving people hope for another round of help.

The news is also important because it will prevent a government shutdown in the middle of a pandemic. And as Graham mentioned in the tweet, it will allow the vaccine to be distributed faster as another way of relief.

It might not be exactly what some had hoped for in the immediate, but the fight continues in helping Americans during this time of need.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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    • I’ll take the L on this one. I skimmed read the article. I’ll take the heat from the incoming trumpeters of the site.

      But if the stimulus stays at 600 (which it may) it’s still a fail.

      Plus congress gets their wasteful spending. So really no one wins.

      • Who reads Twitter links? Everytime I open a YouTube or Twitter link, I do it in a private window, which gets to be a PITA. Link me to a quasi-news site (groan, even NYT, WaPo, or WSJ these days) and I may read it, but I’m looking for press releases and sources from the horses mouth, not the interpreted BS that comes from everywhere else. So, don’t feel bad for not clicking through.

        Being from Colorado, I will gladly take any brass you have on hand … for a friend.

        • Lol thanks.

          But if they don’t vote for the 2,000 tomorrow (which should be way more) then it’s totally an egg in the face moment for him.

          Plus the wasteful government spending is still going through… Yikes….

  1. I don’t even give a shit anymore. Hey, unborn grandkids, have fun paying for this shit with worthless dollars. Remember we helped Myanmar and Honduras out in the great year of 2020 while you’re being taxed on your paychecks in 2045.


    To his credit, he resisted (mostly) about 90% longer than any other Republicans did. And for Christ’s sake, Utah, you knew what Romney was going to do, and you voted for him because he was “like you,” the same as LA residents voted for Tony Villar (Antonio Villarigosa) because his name sounded hispanic like theirs.

  2. Let’s see, so instead of $2000 of our own money refunded back to us when we could use it, that’ll be $600 back to us, and $1400 sent to every lobbyist represented organization who has ever kissed the butt of your nearest congressman. Aren’t you proud to be an America!

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
    Benjamin Franklin

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