President Trump Joining Me Today on Outkick at 8 am ET, 5 am PT

Today at 8 am et, 5 am pt, President Donald Trump will join me live on Outkick the Coverage.

I’m obviously very excited.

You can listen along live on any of our 300+ affiliate stations nationwide, on Sirius/XM channel 83, and stream it live here as well:

It’s probably also a good time to go ahead and subscribe to the Outkick podcast as well.

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We’ll obviously put the audio up on Outkick soon after the interview as well.

Hope you’ll be listening!

Now back to my live radio show.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Great job! I think you made him feel comfortable which helped him open up a bit more than he prob would with msm trying to play “ gotcha!” on every comment coming from his mouth. If he’s not feeling defensive I think you get a better perspective (Like any of us). He’s a pretty knowledgeable dude about sports, and has a ton of history with pro football that’s fascinating. Good questions, and I wish you could have gone for 2 hours. Maybe he’ll come back again!

  2. That was very cool. I know Clay had been campaigning for an interview with President Trump for a while. I’m glad it finally came to fruition.
    I agree with John Melton above, Clay definitely made him feel comfortable. There was a stretch where President Trump was just free-styling., and that was a fun moment. Clay did a great job with the questions. Kept it light and entertaining. Well done! And yes, give Danny G a raise. I believe him.

  3. Hey Clay,
    BIG CONGRATULATIONS for getting the President!!!
    Sorry I was up and out early (unusual given my covid work lockdown) and wasn’t able to listen, yet.

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