Predicting the future: odds to win the 2014 BCS

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BCS bowls feel like they’re months away. Johnny Football has received his coronation into football royalty and we’re already talking about the chances of him winning a 2nd time. Names like Bielema, Stoops, Malzahn, and Jones now claim ownership for some of the SEC’s biggest reclamation projects.  Coach Petrino has found work as new head man of the He’ll Top Hers after Willie Taggart’s departure for USF. Rest assured college football fans of programs not named Notre Dame or Alabama, it’s never too early to look towards next year with the unveiling of my odds to win the 2014 national championship.

From my time as an oddsmaker at Caesars Palace, establishing futures markets posed a challenge. Where will the longshots come from? What team can take the next step forward? Who are the public sides that fans blinded by optimism will bet regardless of price?  All these questions swirl annually but the reality is outside of the usual suspects, there’s no way to tell who comes flying out of the gates at 10-0 like the Irish this year (opened 40-1) or Auburn 2 years ago (opened 150-1) to catch the sportsbooks by surprise.

I know these aren’t the exact prices that will be featured on betting boards the first week in January however they’ll give you a baseline of what to expect.  Keep in mind prices assume elite pro prospects will forego their senior seasons for dreams of NFL glory.  If Aaron Murray pulls a Matt Barkley and comes back to school, I’ll promise you the Dawgs won’t be available at 20-1  For fans wondering why their team might not be listed, words can’t save you from your own delusions of grandeur.  Go ahead, take your shots, snicker, call me names. Do whatever makes you feel better but this is what my big board looks like headed into next season.

Team Odds
Alabama 5-1
LSU 5-1
Oregon 8-1
Ohio St 10-1
Florida   12-1
Florida St 15-1
Texas A&M 15-1
Georgia 18-1
South Carolina 18-1
Notre Dame 18-1
USC 20-1
Clemson 20-1
Stanford 25-1
Michigan 28-1
Oklahoma St 30-1
Texas 40-1
Nebraska 40-1
UCLA 40-1
Field 50-1
TCU 50-1
Oregon St 60-1
Louisville 60-1
North Carolina 60-1
West Virginia 60-1
Virginia Tech 60-1
Wisconsin 60-1
Boise St 75-1
Michigan St 90-1
Kansas St 90-1
Ole Miss 90-1
Mississippi St 100-1
Washington 150-1
North Carolina State 150-1
Arizona 150-1
Arizona St 150-1
Arkansas 150-1
Tennessee 150-1
Vanderbilt 150-1
Rutgers 175-1
Northwestern 200-1
Pittsburgh 200-1
Cincinnati 200-1
Georgia Tech 200-1
Syracuse 200-1
Texas Tech 200-1
Baylor 250-1
Utah 300-1
Auburn 400-1
Washington St 500-1


The one team that should be included here is the Miami Hurricanes but given their self imposed bowl ban and possible sanctions, they’ve been omitted.

*When odds are opened at the various sportsbooks both here in Vegas and offshore, we’ll be among the first to publish on these same OKTC pages.

Written by Clay Travis

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