Prankster Husband Lists His Wife For Sale On Facebook Like She’s A Used Car

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Facebook jokester Robbie McMillen says after 20 years of marriage his wife is used to his jokes. The prankster is making headlines around the world over his fake — relax people, it’s a joke! — Facebook Marketplace listing featuring the pros and cons of “purchasing” her.

Robbie included pros such as “great headlights” and a “good set of tyres” but there’s a “small intermittent whine” that buyers should know about.

Husband selling wife Facebook
Robbie McMillen created a “For Sale” Facebook post as a joke with his wife / Facebook

The 38-year-old Irishman noted that his wife “Runs on corrs lite” and noted cocktails seem “to disappear when you fill the tank.”

“Like a fine wine she is!” Robbie McMillen wrote about his wife Sarah Mcmillen in May / Facebook
Sarah McMillen / Facebook

Again, it’s all in good fun and Robbie tells Kennedy News and Media that this is their little way of having fun and keeping the marriage chugging along. “We have been with each other nearly 20 years, she is well used to these posts so I wasn’t in the dog house,” the joker said.

And while these two appear to have fun with one another keeping it light, Sarah wrote a heartfelt message to her husband in February celebrating his sobriety.

“So proud of you ❤ 3 years ago you changed your life around , not just yourself but for your family, we love you . Keep being you cos you are 1 in a million,” Sarah said on Facebook.

There you have it, an actual happy couple in their 30s who’ve been together nearly 20 years who are keeping it light. This story is going to drive miserable couples crazy thinking about what could’ve been with their lives if they actually found the right soulmate.

This is also going to drive the literal social media crowd nuts. The fem lib libs will be absolutely furious over this “for sale” ad and say it’s not some joke to claim to own a woman.

But we’re not going to let them win in this scenario. We’re going to laugh along with Robbie and Sarah as they live this happy life they’ve chosen together. This is to be celebrated during these miserable times. We need more Robbie and Sarahs to step forward to show the world it’s not all misery out there.

Social media doesn’t have to be so literal. Try it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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