Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Calls For More Cops After Failed ‘Defund The Police’ Experiment

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler is asking, once again, for his police departments to be funded — a year removed from the politician’s criticized Defund the Police campaign.

According to the Daily Wire, the trimming down in personnel, as a result of the defunding, has put the Portland Police Department short 130 officers, well below the authorized amount. Details from the report add that Wheeler oversaw an 83 percent spike in homicides in 2020 as a result of less policing.

BLM-inspired, anti-cop legislation cut officers from their departments — inspiring others to resign, as well. Meanwhile, the city has been rendered a crime hot spot.

“Many Portlanders no longer feel safe in their city,” Wheeler stated. “Business owners have closed up shop for fear of doing business in high risk areas. Commuters fear for their safety, whether taking public transport or going by foot. Parents are scared to let their children play outside.”

An estimated $4 million is being requested by the mayor — most of it applied toward providing body cameras and aiding the Portland Street Response unit.

The posturing Portland mayor has abandoned his Defund platform several times throughout 2021 as crime ceases to slow down; starting with a request for $2 million in funding to be pumped into policing back in March.

Businesses across the city have gone as far as hiring private security to evade the crime wave continuing to tear through Portland, while citizens remain at the whim of Wheeler’s messaging.

As noted by OutKick’s Clay Travis, skyrocketing crime and homicide rates have cornered Wheeler into constantly shifting directions and going back on his past mottos.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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