Portland Leftist Group Holding ‘Funeral’ For ‘Public Health’ To Mourn Death Of Mask Mandates

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The leftist group Mask Bloc PDX organized a “funeral” in Portland to mourn the “death of public health” following the news Oregon would end its mask mandate for healthcare settings on April 3.

According to The Post Millennial, the group announced the gathering on its now-private Twitter account Saturday. Mask Bloc scheduled the ceremony for later Monday evening at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

However, there is one firm requirement to attend. Each attendee MUST wear their N95 mask. The rule is non-negotiable.


We want to be clear: this is not a joke. This is real life. This would have been considered lazy content had it come via The Babylon Bee.

Users screenshotted the tweet before the account moved to private following much warranted mockery:

“Mask Bloc PDX decried the move to do away with mandates, calling it “the end of infection control in OR.”

Also known as ending mask mandates a year and a half after it was last certifiably sane.

The change over which the leftists are mourning includes a regulation that states “workers, patients and visitors in health care settings will no longer be required to wear masks.” 

Per Oregon Health Authority, impacted settings include “hospitals, mobile clinics, ambulances, outpatient facilities, dental offices, urgent care centers, counseling offices, school-based health centers, complementary and alternative medicine locations.”

There may not be a more bizarro world city across this nation than Portland, Oregon. (Other than New York City, of course.)

In addition to the loons organizing a funeral over the lifting of a tyrannical cloth mandate, the city has lost each of its remaining Walmart locations. The supermarket recently fled the city due to uncontrolled shoplifting.

The Great Demise of the American City.

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