Pope Francis Is Back To Liking Instagram Model Content, This Time It’s Margot Foxx

Margot Foxx is the latest Instagram model to receive a coveted heart ‘like’ on Instagram from Pope Francis, as His Holiness continues to show his appreciation for the work they pump out, according to the NY Post. “The pope liked my picture that means I’m going to heaven,” Foxx, who also does work on OnlyFans, announced Tuesday.

Foxx is the second Instagram model to receive the Pope seal of approval. The Vatican launched an internal investigation in November after the Pope’s account liked Natalia Garibotto’s schoolgirl Instagram post. In that case, the Pope’s people didn’t dispute that his official account liked the photo, but added: “sources close to the Vatican press office confirmed to CNA that the pope’s various social media accounts are managed by a team of employees, and that an internal investigation is underway to determine how the ‘like’ happened.”

Now it’s Foxx’s turn for some papal attention. To celebrate the big moment, it appears Foxx is running a 30% off sale for her OnlyFans account bringing it down to $5.19 for 30 days. Even the Pope should be able to scrounge up enough for one month.

Part of me thinks we could be headed towards OnlyFans models using Photoshop to make it appear the Pope is doing work on their pages, but after the Vatican admitting the November ‘like’ was real, you have to side with the Instagram model. The Pope officially has a track record.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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