Polls Find Georgians Opposed All-Star Game Relocation

You are not alone. Georgians don’t agree with MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game either.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a poll conducted by the University of Georgia found that 54% of registered Georgia voters opposed MLB’s decision to move the event to Denver in response to a Republican-backed voting bill, the bill that President Joe Biden lied about and called Jim Eagle/Jim Crow 2.0/Jim Crow on steroids.

What’s more, 60% of Georgians opposed companies using their public role to shape political opinion, including 86% of Republicans and 55% of independent voters.

“It should be like the queen — they should be neutral because they have employees who feel both ways,” said Sheryl Hudson, a Forsyth County executive assistant. “The top brass shouldn’t decide how their employees feel.”

Over half of Democrats, 56%, support corporate activism, knowing their views will be promoted as acceptable. 

The AJC found that only 47% of Georgia voters had a positive impression of Major League Baseball now. And just 25% were Republican voters.

“It was ridiculous. My husband has quit watching baseball because of it,” Hudson, said of the decision to move the game. “I don’t look at [the bill] as racist. I look at it as another way for people to feel more comfortable with how the vote went.”

There are obvious consequences to giving the middle finger to half of the country. Ask the Oscars, NBA Finals, and Grammys, all of which recorded all-time lows for telling viewers that America is racist. There are more options, products, brands, and choices than at any time in American history. Don’t give consumers a reason not to choose you.

Translation: it’s bad business.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. And the people who “support” the idea, don’t support the sport. They aren’t the ones spending hundreds of dollars to take a family to a game, or watching the games on TV. Baseball is following the NBA. Get the crazy twitter democrats to “support” you by liking and retweeting (or just not trying to cancel you). But they aren’t spending money on the product. At the end of the day, the bottom line is all that matters. Companies have been protected by a Covid excuse and minimal capacity for so long that they are forgetting this. When the teams can open to 100% capacity and still can not get more than 25% full, they will understand.

    • Agreed. I have said this same thing for years. Demokkkrats and the woke don’t generally give two shits about sports to begin so leagues and teams shouldn’t be so quick to react to every whim of that demographic.

  2. This is a bi-product of the stupidity of the general public as a whole in reference to the supporters of Rob Manfred’s actions or the overall ambivalence to his decision.
    There is nothing “racist” in the voters protection bill passed in Georgia, nor is there anything that suppresses any future legal or valid votes or voters.

    But you combine the stupidity of a population with the willingness of the same population to be manipulated by a 95% media demographic that supports Democrats and their policies?
    This is what you get!

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