Poll: 10 Percent of Tennesseans Would Vote For Me For Senate

So I’m up in Minnesota for the Super Bowl this week — we’re broadcasting Outkick live on Radio Row from the third floor of the Mall of America all week long — but back home in Tennessee I’m receiving up to 10 percent of statewide votes for the senate race in the fall of 2018.

You’ll recall that I’m contemplating running for the Senate this fall and according to a recent poll of over a thousand Tennessee voters I would get between 5.4% and 10.1% of the statewide vote as an independent candidate for Senate depending on who the Democrats and Republicans nominate.

In a three way race for Senate the results look like this:

Republican Marsha Blackburn 47.5, Democrat Phil Bredesen 37.2, Clay Travis 5.5
Republican David Fincher 34.6, Democrat Phil Bredesen 39.1, Clay Travis 10.1

That’s not bad considering everyone else has actually announced for the race and I haven’t. What’s more, these guys and girls got the benefit of actually being associated with the Democratic or Republican parties in this poll meaning some people voted for them because of the party connection. Whereas I’m just by myself as an independent candidate.

I had nothing to do with the poll — I actually explored doing my own poll, but I was told they cost like $50k each to run and I immediately said, “Well, fuck that,” literally those were my exact words — but the group that ran the poll sent me the breakdown of my supporters as part of the overall results they emailed to me.

47% of my supporters ID themselves as Independents and 41% ID as Republicans.
This means 12% ID as Democrats.
I could improve on all these groups immediately if I announced I was running.
Also, I would kill in the debates against any of these other candidates. I mean, absolutely dominate. You think any of the other candidates could host a daily radio show with my ratings every day or keep Greg Schiano from getting hired as Tennessee’s coach?
Hell no.
Further, for all the media out there who want to call me “alt right” this means that 59% of my voting support, so a substantial majority, would come from independents or Democrats.
52.3% of my support comes from women.
Does this really surprise anyone? Women know good hair when they see it.
Only 13.7% of my support comes from the 18-44 demo while 31.2% comes from those aged 65 and up.
(This, by the way, is a flaw of the polling. I will guarantee that at every university in the state of Tennessee the on-campus crowds I would draw would dwarf any of the other candidates. Now I don’t know if these supporters would actually vote, but I’m confident I’d perform better with younger voters than any other age group. The fact that I don’t do that in this poll is a clear flaw of the polling. I do, however, love old people. So it’s not surprise they love me too.)
72% of my support has a bachelor’s degree or some college education

Only 33% of the state has attained this level of education, so this means my supporters are smarter than the average voter in the state.

This makes sense because the smarter you are the more likely you are to love me.

What all these poll results prove to me is that I could definitely win if I decided to run.

My biggest obstacle?

Convincing my wife our family could live on a Senator’s salary for the next six years. This is a major pay cut since I’m not independently wealthy and just sitting around making millions of inheritance money off other people’s work. I’ve got to bust my ass all day every day.

You think I want to wake up every day at 4:15 AM? Hell no, only poor people do that shit.

Plus, my wife spends money like a drunken sailor and we might have to give up the place on the Florida beach and at least one of her 14 different gym memberships if I decided to run.

What’s more, I’d have to give up my morning radio show because having a national radio show and running for the Senate violates federal election law. (Although my radio deal is up on June 30th so I’ve got to decide what to do with that in the next couple of months regardless. Theoretically I could run for Senate and then if I lost be back on nationwide radio the day after the Senate race.)

So stay tuned.

In the meantime all you need to know is this, based on poll results from before I’ve even announced if I would run, I’m poised to be the most successful independent Senate candidate in the history of the state.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.