Merriam-Webster Dictionary Redefines 'Female' To Satisfy Transgender Activists

In case you needed any further indication that language is under attack, the dictionary is here to confirm it for you.

For most of history, the definitions of male and female were settled and widely understood.

In recent years though, everything's changed. Activism has overtaken reality.

The internet archive shows dictionary descriptions of "female" from 2019, when the science of biological sex had not yet fully reckoned with the inherent absurdities of "inclusion:"

These are easily recognizable definitions that few rational people would disagree with.

The updated page shows one notable addition, however:

The stealth addition of gender identity into a dictionary entry on female biological sex shows how successful progressive activists have been in redefining words.

It's the same institutional capture that's led to the University of Pennsylvania nominating a biological man for a "Woman of the Year" athletic award:

Instead of standing up for sanity and reason, organizations and universities immediately fold to pressure, whether internal or external.

Acceptance of biological sex is "violence," according to transgender activists, and so it must be eliminated. Merriam-Webster was more than happy to oblige.

Now "gender identity" is as or more important than biology, according to them. What's changed since 2019 in our understanding of biological sex?

The answer is, of course, nothing.

Instead, the motivation leading supposedly authoritative sources of information to fundamentally alter our understanding of language is political pressure.

Pressure to conform to the latest demands of progressives and to avoid being labeled as an "anti" by left wing news outlets. The least acceptable outcome for the dictionary is being called a "transphobe" by a prominent liberal Twitter account. So they panic and cave to their demands.

This redefinition now means that transgender athletes like Lia Thomas are now "female" because their gender identity is the "opposite of male." For those born as biological males, yourself to be female now means your sex has changed, according to the dictionary.

As long as the arbiters of acceptable cultural opinions promote far-left thinking on biology and gender, organizations will continue to redefine commonly understood words.

Women's sports no longer mean what they did just a few years ago, and now biology has suffered the same fate. Almost certainly this trend will continue, given "woke" political activism continues to triumph over reality.

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