Los Angeles Hospital Admits Only 10% of COVID Patients There For COVID

Los Angeles continues to do its best to take the crown of most anti-science city in America.

Recently the head of LA Public Health announced that the city would return to mask mandates if the region remains in the CDC's arbitrary "high transmission" zone for two weeks.

Of course, in their announcement, no one pointed out that Los Angeles has made a substantial contribution to the evidence base proving that mask mandates do not work:

While most cities have accepted that COVID will forever be part of life, Los Angles officials continue to pretend that they can control the spread of the virus through indefinite restrictions.

But what's worse is that despite the rising case and hospitalization rates used to justify endless mandates, a major LA medical system recently posted a video detailing how little COVID currently impacts their hospitals.

During their remarks, it emerged that "Only 10% of COVID positive admissions are admitted due to COVID."

Meaning that if there are 100 hospitalized COVID "patients," only 10 are there to be treated for it and 90 are there for other medical issues and just so happen to test positive.

Even more extraordinary is that they admitted that "virtually none of them go to the ICU," and "they are not intubated...we have not seen one of those since February:"

As noted by Phil Kerpen, the video does not appear on any of the LA+USC Medical Center feeds, perhaps in an attempt to avoid creating doubt about the necessity of the upcoming mask mandate.

Beyond the implications, that COVID is no longer causing a significant threat to hospitals in the nation's second largest city, this story provides yet another example of hypocrisy from Gavin Newsom.

Newsom recently released and promoted a political ad claiming that he's creating a climate of "freedom" in California as opposed to Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Except when asked whether or not he supported Los Angeles potentially imposing a mask mandate two and a half years into the pandemic, Newsom deflected and refused to answer directly.

Somehow in Newsom's mind, "freedom" doesn't mean the ability to walk around without a mask, well after their efficacy has been disproven.

It's not surprising that LA is likely returning to mask mandates despite the lack of severe impacts on hospitals from COVID. When the director of public health, who is not a doctor, makes nearly $500,000 per year to impose destructive, anti-science policies, it's clear that no amount of data matters to city officials.

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