Joe Biden Tests Positive for COVID Again After Using Pfizer Treatment

Just a few weeks after the White House announced that Joe Biden had COVID despite being fully vaccinated and boosted twice, news broke Saturday that he tested positive again.

After his first diagnosis, The President, despite having four vaccination doses, immediately began taking Pfizer's latest miracle product, Paxlovid due to his symptomatic illness.

A recurring issue with Paxlovid has been rebound COVID; a phenomenon where those who have received the drug test positive again after taking the treatment and apparently clearing the illness.

The official statement released by the White House acknowledged that this was the likely culprit for the President's latest round of COVID positivity:

Dr. Anthony Fauci experienced the same "rebound" effect after he received Paxlovid treatment despite having four vaccination doses.

Beyond the fact that none of Pfizer's products have any effect on the likelihood of testing positive for COVID, it's absurd that the White House statement claims that he will be reinstating "strict isolation procedures."

As Fox News reporter Peter Doocy explained during Biden's first bought with COVID, the President never actually followed CDC guidance after testing positive:

"It’s worth noting here that despite White House officials claiming President Biden would follow CDC guidelines - he hasn’t been. Those guidelines require he wear a mask around other people for 10 full days. He was around other people, Indoors, with no masks, for hours this week. All on camera."

The official Presidential Twitter account also repeated the claim that he would isolate, after not doing so just a few weeks ago:

It's yet another example of the "rules are for thee, not for me" phenomenon that primarily Democratic politicians have engaged in over the past few years.

Nancy Pelosi needed her hair done, so she forced a salon to reopen just for her. And of course, masks are uncomfortable, so she declined to wear one there, or at her lavish fundraiser.

Gavin Newsom didn't want to hurt his financial interests, so he made sure his winery remained open. Nor did he care about having massive, unmasked parties at Michelin starred restaurants while small businesses were shut down.

San Francisco's mayor was seen partying maskless while forcing residents and children to live under years long mandates.

So naturally, when it's Biden's turn to follow the rules that his administration continues to promote, he too ignores them.

The U.S. government is handing Pfizer record setting products by purchasing limitless amounts of whatever the company sells. His administration has promoted the drug as the latest miracle cure, while not requiring the company to run tests on whether there even are benefits for vaccinated individuals.

Biden doesn't follow his own recommendations, nor does he seem to care about the remarkable stupidity required to ban unvaccinated foreigners or enforce vaccine mandates on the military after he's tested positive twice in a few weeks with four shots.

At some point, after countless incidents of hypocrisy and disproven narratives, it would seem reasonable to expect that Democratic politicians and their allies in the media would say enough is enough, life must return to normal. But there's apparently still immense political capital among their base for continuing COVID policies.

Biden's latest result should, yet again, be the end of all COVID related restrictions in the United States. But just like the administration ignores their own guidance, they'll almost certainly ignore that this disproves their mandates too.