Climate Change Protestors Block Track During Formula 1 Race

The British Grand Prix stop on the Formula 1 racing circuit was held on July 3rd, with Carlos Sainz, Jr. and Team Ferrari winning by nearly 4 seconds over Sergio Pérez despite a massive crash at the beginning of the race.

But that was far from the biggest story to emerge from the track at Silverstone.

Six "Stop Oil" climate change protestors were arrested after walking onto the track and blocking most of a straightaway during a red flag just after the collision.

Incredible video of the incident shows Formula 1 cars driving past the protestors on the track, before being dragged off by track security:

The "Stop Oil" protestors have escalated their attacks on reason and rationality in recent days, as members of the group also perpetrated another publicity stunt at an art museum, gluing themselves to a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

The protestors apparently and unsurprisingly lack a sense of shame or self awareness, failing to realize that the glue they used to attach themselves to the painting is partially made with oil derived products, as is the the cheap polyester clothing they wear.

Beyond risking damage to one of the world's most important works of art, it's hard to imagine a dumber protest than sitting on an active race track staring down cars that can travel upwards of 200mph.

Of course, despite the hypocritical and dangerous stunt, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton proclaimed his support for the movement, because pledging allegiance to whatever left wing politics demands at the moment is now a significant part of being a major public figure.

Remarkable hypocrisy like Hamilton's is apparently now a repetitive feature of Formula 1:

The worst part about this is that many governments agree with the "Stop Oil" movement, even after the war in Ukraine has demonstrated how important oil continues to be to the global economy.

So not only is the protestors message inaccurate and economically illiterate, their methods could lead to priceless works of art being permanently damaged or major accidents and loss of life.

This is the unfortunate and inevitable consequence of breathless media and incompetent "experts" playing up climate change as an "existential threat." Susceptible people are now convinced that the world will end in a matter of years if their demands are not met.

It doesn't matter what reality says though, based on their ability to generate attention, it's a near certainty that "Stop Oil" will continue to pull dangerous, idiotic stunts for the foreseeable future. At least until we all die from climate change, that is.