Politico Informs Staffers Of Word Bans: ‘Biological Female,’ ‘Waitress,’ ‘Cakewalk’

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Politico sent staffers a list of banned terms, words they could face repercussions for printing.

The so-called journalism outlet instructed editors and writers to avoid the following words because they “elevate transphobic voices.”

— “mankind”

— “manhunt”

— “biological male”

— “biological female”

The words “biological male” are transphobic, huh?

Spectator World obtained the memo on Monday. Politico informed staffers of the word bans in January 2022, a list that also deemed “Anchor baby,” and “Peanut gallery” as “offensive.”

Politico claims the latter is “politically incorrect” because it references “the cheapest seats often occupied by black people and people with low incomes.”

The outlet also asks writers to omit “waiter” and “waitress” from their vocabulary. The belief is it’s too difficult to tell if the person bringing you a beer is a male, female, or undefined.

Thereby Politico uses “server” no matter who drops off the burger. It’s called gender inclusivity, you

Next, Politico addresses guidelines for using the vilest word in the English language, a term sure to make you squirmish:


The memo demands that the word must always be met with lowercase treatment.

“Unlike Black, white should not be capitalized in any instances,” the memo highlights.

White people deserve the lowercase, always.

Perhaps a list like this is why the corporate media is failing. Instead of doing their jobs and reporting the truth about the pandemic, they are concerning themselves with those who capitalize the wrong race in an article.

There’s no time for original reporting when hurt feelings and fake racism are at stake.

Did you know “cakewalk” is also racist?

Per the Politico memo, the phrase “originated during slavery’ and thus perpetuates “racist motifs.”

The hell with finding the origin of Covid. We must punish those who write “man-made ” — which the virus was, by the way — because it doesn’t include the non-binaries persons who make stuff.


Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Let me know when these lunatics turn their venom against the longest-tenured pro-slavery, pro-racism, pro-Jim Crow, and pro-segregation institution in this country’s history: The Democratic Party. Hell, if “cake walk” is racist because it originated during slavery, then the group who went to war to protect slavery is definitely racist.

    I won’t hold my breath

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