Police: Teacher Caused Student To Pass Out During Chokehold Demonstration… In Math Class

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A Connecticut teacher has been arrested after she allegedly caused one student to pass out while demonstrating a chokehold.

If you’re thinking “this must have been during some kind of wrestling unit in phys ed,” think again. This allegedly happened in math class.

Remember all of those chokehold demos in your fifth-grade math class? Yeah, me neither.

Norwalk Police say that 50-year-old Stefanie Sanabria was teaching a math class at Brookside Elementary School last month, Somehow, this lesson reportedly shifted from something like fractions or long divisions to chokeholds.

“They were demonstrating jujitsu moves to some of the students in the class who had volunteered to do that,” Norwalk Police Lieutenant Joseph Dinho said. “So this was not a call that we usually get every day.”

No, and in fact, it would be weird if this is what the Norwalk Police responded to daily. Good to know this was an isolated incident and there isn’t an epidemic of math teachers showcasing martial arts techniques sweeping New England.

The school district put out a statement saying that they also investigated the incident.

“On Friday, Feb. 24, Norwalk Public Schools notified the Norwalk Police Department of an incident at Brookside Elementary School. With the assistance of the Norwalk Police Department, we determined that a teacher was demonstrating defensive holds to students, and a student fainted during that demonstration,” the statement read.

They revealed that, thankfully, the student did not sustain any serious injuries and that Sanabria had resigned.

The teacher has been charged with charges of strangulation, risk of injury to a minor, and reckless endangerment.

The Register Citizen reported that Sanabria told the assistant principal that “lack of judgment” was to blame for the incident.

Yeah. You could certainly say that.

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