Officer Who Poked Fun At LeBron James On TikTok Loses Job

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On Thursday, Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns released a statement saying that the Fire Marshal’s office has relieved one of their police officers who had made a TikTok video poking fun at the anti-police rhetoric spewed by NBA darling LeBron James. The viral video garnered 3.9 million views.

Nate Silvester was reportedly fired as part of a suspected “political play” after the officer caught national headlines for challenging the basketball player’s authority on social topics. 

James, known for a blind political agenda that bounces in any direction like the Dennis Rodman rebounding meme, has long been an advocate for contemporary police reform in an effort to defeat the supposed “systemic racism polluting police departments across America.” Data strongly suggests that the lack of police presence in America leads to a rise in murder rates and overall crime, especially those in areas prone to riots since May 2020.  

Just recently, live coverage of the George Floyd memorial caught an exchange of gunfire that resulted in one hospitalization.

James and other members of the media continue to villainize police departments and hardworking responders, and their inciteful rhetoric encourages members of society to loot and burn cities, causing the deterioration of American integrity and greater loss of life.  

When discussing the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act, James said the following: “It holds a lot of accountability. I think it will make our communities, and make this great nation, a better place. So I’m all for that.”

LeBron, whose national pride never seems to relate to America, always seizes the opportunity to drive a wedge between the African American community and good cops in America. Don’t let the tweets fool you.

Though black parents, spouses, toddlers, and neighbors are still being shot in the streets due to a lack of policing, James turns a blind eye to their suffering but still insists he truly cares about struggling communities. 

As long as there’s Wi-Fi in Brentwood, you can count on James to continue providing his progressive outlook to average Americans. Lucky us.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. This cop needs to sue the shit out of the mayor or the department, whichever one is responsible for his firing. Then he should pack up and move to a state that actually backs their cops. Maybe Texas or Florida. I hear he’s already getting offers. Good for him.

    • Ya I’m not sure how terminating someone over a tiktok is legal ??

      What fine print clause gives the green light for them to do that ? Seems absurd because it is absurd.
      Example # 1815 that the America of old (even 15 years ago!) is gone. It’s unrecognizable

    • I’m definitely jealous of your state and Texas. I’m in the Northeast and it sucks. Been trying to convince the family to make the move for a while now. I think if I keep at it eventually they’ll come around. They only downside is the heat. The cool spring and fall are the only pros to living up here. There is absolutely nothing else that isn’t a con. New England sucks.

      • The landscapes are much better than in Florida, but aside from that and what you mentioned, you’re right. Florida has strong leadership and everything I’ve experienced in South Florida recently trumps the northeast.

  2. As someone whose name I cannot recall said, the law-abiding black people who live in urban areas don’t have those bars on their windows and doors to keep out the whites supremacists. LeBron and his woke peers are completely out of touch with the reality of those they claim to represent.

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