Police Find Serial Burglar In Robert De Niro’s NYC Townhouse Stealing Christmas Gifts

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A serial burglar was caught in the act early this morning pulling a heist inside Robert De Niro’s New York City townhouse.

Police say 30-year-old Shanice Aviles, who has at least 26 prior arrests, with many of those of the burglary variety, was caught around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning stealing Christmas presents left around the 79-year-old actor’s tree and she was “fiddling” with De Niro’s iPad, according to a New York Post report.

Police say the Academy Award-winning actor was sleeping in a different part of the home when Aviles went to work trying to find items, but the NYPD’s 19th Precinct Public Safety Team spotted her trying to open commercial building doors and they eventually followed her to De Niro’s building where she started her Christmas present heist.

Robert De Niro burglar
New York City Police say 30-year-old serial burglar Shanice Aviles was found in Robert De Niro’s townhouse around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning.

According to police, De Niro’s daughter was in the residence at the time of the burglary, but the residents had no idea Aviles was doing her thing.

Now, let’s get into this long list of charges against this woman:

• In early December, she was arrested for six burglaries

• She’s been arrested 16 times this year for burglary activities

• There are at least 26 prior arrests on her record

• She got out of jail last week

In October, Aviles made headlines after she was stabbed while pulling a heist inside an Upper East Side apartment. In that case, she was hitting a residence when a 68-year-old man woke up and realized his wallet and keys were missing from a nightstand. He entered the kitchen and found Aviles who was stabbed in the leg during a fight.

Police believe Aviles hit another apartment in that same building when she entered an apartment of an 81-year-old woman and stole $200 and a backpack.

In other words, if you live on the Upper East Side near Robert De Niro, there’s a very good chance Aviles is coming for your apartment. You might want to deadbolt the doors and lock your windows. She’s clearly not scared of a court system that keeps releasing her back onto the streets without bail.

Shanice Aviles had two court dates scheduled for January 20, 2023 before she was caught this morning burglarizing Robert De Niro’s townhouse:

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