Police Escort Tomi Lahren Out of Campus Event After Organized Riot Breaks Out

New Mexico State Police had to escort OutKick personality Tomi Lahren out of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque Thursday night.  An organized hate group broke into the auditorium to chant “F**k Tomi Lahren” in the room in which she spoke.

As the rioters banged on the door, Lahren, her father, and members of the TPUSA chapter had to barricade themselves in a back room as campus police called for backup.

Consider that the rioters did not appear as a surprise. The organizer, Political Fireball, posted a banner on social media that spread around campus for students to join the “rally.” Yet the university showed little regard for the threat, despite anticipation it’d turn violent.

The group is about what you’d expect, using buzzwords like “white pride.” The leader of the group is likely a longtime racist who embodies the “anti-racist” movement to cover for his past.

Here’s a look at the banner:

Lahren spoke to me about the incident Friday morning

“The university knew there was going to be a planned protest. There was a banner going around social media for days, especially yesterday, leading up to the event.  They knew that it was going to be bad. They knew that Antifa was involved. They knew that it was going to be an organized protest against my speech. They did nothing.”

“We had a couple of campus PD officers. That was it. They did not call Albuquerque police. They didn’t call the New Mexico police. They were completely unprepared and quite frankly, didn’t care.”

“Even after we were in the room, and these protesters that were let into the student union and were banging on the door trying to bust in the door to attack me and the speech goers — the university still did nothing.”

“It took the fire alarm being pulled, and violence happening for the campus PD to call in state police in Albuquerque to respond. But they have to do that on their own because the university did nothing.”

“They didn’t care. They didn’t care that we were stuck in that room. They didn’t care that people were trying to bang through the doors and busted the glass to get into us. They didn’t care. So, the fact that the university, as someone got hurt last night, that’s on them. And that’s just a pretty disgusting thing to think, that you’ve got students, that you don’t care that they are getting attacked by other students and members of the general public. And the university didn’t do anything.”

“And this is a big university in New Mexico. I mean, this is a big deal to me that they did nothing. They didn’t seem to care, quite frankly.”

Some of the losers involved posted clips, bragging about forcing Lahren out of the auditorium:

What happened at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque is an example of left-wing extremists using violence to suppress speech and opinions that run afoul of consensus campus rhetoric.

Such groups fear few developments more than a voice coming to campus to offer a perspective that students cannot receive at most indoctrinated universities.

This is the type of free speech intolerance that has proven so damming to an already fractured society.

We are happy to report that Tomi Lahren and her father are safe. But unfortunately, we have little confidence that anyone in authority will hold the thugs accountable who endangered Lahren and the students in attendance. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This is just a phase in life for these kids. They are young/impressionable and think they’re fighting the good fight. They will continue acting a fool living under the mantra “the ends justify the means” until one day the light comes on and they realize they lead mostly empty lives. When the foundation of your whole existence is based around politics/activism, and you’re always mad you miss out on the rest of life. You don’t have kids/family and you end up like Keith Olberman. I’d pity these kids if they weren’t so damn annoying.

    • Are we making an easy assumption that this was just “kids / students” who organized and carried out this crap? Or are “the kids / students” being set-up as the perps? Is there a more sinister element in play here?
      IMO, the real story is the reaction / lack of by the university.
      Give’em Hell Tomi! You Rock, Girl!

      • To me it doesn’t matter. Odds are the students are the ones who organized it but if there is outside influence I wouldn’t be surprised. As far as the real story, the lack of response by the university is par for the course. They could do the right thing and nip it in the bud but it’s easier for them to just ignore it and avoid ruffling any feathers. Grand scheme the university is just a business. They aren’t going to piss off a large portion of their clientele to save Tomi Lahren lol..

        In an ideal world, TL can have her speech and consenting adults can choose to attend or pass. In reality, we live in a world where if someone doesn’t like something, no one should be able to consume it (i.e. cancel culture).

  2. Speakers should demand they be allowed to bring their own security if they can afford it. A few well-trained ex-military could end these punks “protest” in short order. “Anti-racism” is just another Marxist facade. These parasites totally lack any self-awareness.

  3. Good that everyone is safe, Tomi’s a big girl who knows her opposition.
    It’s no surprise the Antifa tired rhetoric is being spewed before November.
    Antifa in suits running the Ole Dementia Joe puppet are shit scared their utopia is crumbling, so they fall back on the tried and true Marxist playbook. Claim anyone who opposes their Fourth Reich is the aggressor and pay impressionable, gullible useful idiots to be the foot soldiers. Shit loads of them on College campuses………and in faculty lounges!

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