Police Apologize To Packers AJ Dillon After Lambeau Leap Incident

The Green Bay Police Chief has issued an apology to Packers running back AJ Dillon after an incident at Lambeau Field this past summer.

Dillon was on hand to watch a soccer match between FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City FC. During a rain delay, he went to do an impromptu Lambeau leap.

However, a Green Bay police officer wasn’t as keen on this. Before Dillon hopped into the stands he gave him a shove.

After the incident, the GBPD conducted an internal investigation which police chief Chris Davis discussed in a written statement.

“I have sustained two allegations of GBPD policy violations by the officer involved and directed appropriate corrective action to be taken,” Davis said.

The statement did not name the officer involved.

“I apologize to Mr. Dillon for the way he was treated,” Davis said. “We appreciate the strong relationship we have with the Packers organization, and the GBPD remains committed to working with them along with the entire Green Bay community to provide the best and most professional police service possible.”

The Packers and AJ Dillon Also Discussed The Incident

The Packers also released a statement and commended Dillon for the way he handled the situation.

“We respect their process in reviewing the situation and its conclusions,” the team said. “We value our partnership with the Department and appreciate all they do in working with the Packers to ensure public safety at Lambeau Field events, including gamedays.

“Additionally, we appreciate A.J. Dillon’s professionalism in handling the matter.”

Dillon also tweeted out what happened soon after the incident, chalking it up to miscommunications.

Good on the GBPD, Packers, and Dillon for handling the situation like adults.

That’s weirdly rare these days…

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