Poland Is Losing Its Mind During COVID, People Believe Croissant In A Tree Is A ‘Creature’

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Poland, which finds itself deep into a third COVID lockdown with some schools finally scheduled to reopen next week, has officially lost its mind and all the evidence we need is a croissant in a tree outside apartments in Kraków. According to, the Kraków Society for the Protection of Animals got a call from a lady who was “desperate” and said there was a “creature” hiding in a tree outside her apartment.

The woman told the animal group that people were terrified of the creature and said it might be an iguana. So the group goes out to check on this creature that was tormenting people during the COVID lockdown.

“We knew already that we could not help the creature,” KTOZ posted on Facebook. “The mysterious iguana turned out to be…a croissant.”

That’s right, the woman couldn’t tell it was a croissant in a tree.

Z cyklu "Z pamiętnika inspektora" – relacjonuje inspektor Adam.- Przyjedźcie i go zabierzcie! – w głosie dzwoniącej…

Posted by KTOZ Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Via the Facebook translator:

“This mysterious lagoon – legwan turned out to be… croissant, a French cake croissant. Probably flew out of a window (let me guess: for birds, probably thrown, out of the kindness of heart not supported, unfortunately, with any thought) and the poor guy got stuck in the fork of lilac twigs (He was sitting there and looked pretty good, releasing his imagination, taking on reptilians, he was almost moving, he was already preparing for the invasion, he was already beginning to look like a dragon child, the surrounding virgins were already trembling….”

To be clear, this isn’t some Babylon Bee report. This is the real deal. Poland went into its third lockdown in March with non-essentials (hotels, sports, cultural) all closing for three weeks with another week added on for good measure.

According to a data analysis, one in three respondents to a questionnaire answered that they were experiencing anxiety and mood disorders since the COVID outbreak in Poland. One-fourth of Poland’s people had trouble sleeping, headaches and back pain. That was during a July-August 2020 survey period.

Now people are seeing creatures in trees.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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