World Cup Team Gets Fighter Jet Escort In Epic Video

Poland’s World Cup team left the country in style.

Ahead of Poland’s first game Tuesday against Mexico, the team departed its homeland with F-16s flying as escorts out of Polish airspace.

Check out the epic video below.

This is a great move from Poland.

Don’t think this is simply being done for the fun of it. Two Polish citizens were recently killed in some kind of a missile strike due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. It’s unclear whether it was a Ukraine missile that failed to intercept a Russian strike or something else, but Poland is certainly on edge right now.

The Poles are also famous for their strength and grit. The nation also has an aggressive posture when it comes to dealing with the Russians. People in Poland take great pride in their armed forces.

Literally just days after the war spilled over into their borders, Poland sent multiple fighter jets to escort the country’s World Cup team out of the country.

F-16s escort the Polish World Cup team’s plane. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Yes, it was done because it’s awesome, but there’s also a very high chance a show of strength was part of the calculation. While Russia’s gear is comically bad, Poland reminds its regional neighbors that it has advanced weaponry thanks to the USA. This was without a doubt a bit of a flex. You’re kidding yourself if you think differently.

Finally, I know a lot of men who fought, bled and killed with the Polish GROM – the country’s Tier One unit – during the GWOT. They all speak insanely high of those men. Apparently, they’re the toughest SOBs in all of Europe, and we’re damn lucky to have them as allies.

Polish GROM fought bravely alongside America. Poland sent people during the GWOT. (Photo by Michal Fludra/NurPhoto) (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images)

Awesome job by everyone involved in this epic moment. Fans truly can’t get enough of this.

Written by David Hookstead

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