Poker Hall of Famer Suffers Gruesome Injury After False Report of an Active Shooter in Las Vegas

Active shooter situations are no joke. As several World Series of Poker players discovered on Saturday night in Las Vegas, neither are false reports of an active shooter.

The false report that made its way down the Vegas strip caused complete chaos. Chairs and poker tables were flipped over and people were knocked down as crowds fled what they thought was an active shooter.

People shared the absolutely chaotic scenes on social media. The pictures and videos showed poker players laying under tables and others running for safety.

Luckily, it was determined that there was no active shooter

Officials determined that there was no active shooter. And from what I’ve been able to gather there weren’t any serious injuries that resulted from the chaos.

That’s not to say that some people weren’t hurt. There were people that suffered bumps, scrapes, and bruises. That includes Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu, who suffered a gruesome injury to his hand in the wild scene.

As Negreanu describes it, he was knocked to the ground in the chaos that followed what turned out to be a false report and couldn’t get back to his feet. It looks like his hand took the brunt of the fall.

It’s been a rough summer for Negreanu

It’s been a rough summer for Negreanu. He’s down more than $1 million in the World Series of Poker so far and now he has a nasty hand injury to deal with.

Given what could have happened had there actually been an active shooter, the hand injury and being down more than a million bucks doesn’t sound too bad.

I’m just glad there wasn’t an active shooter and it sounds like everyone avoided major injuries.

These situations have unfortunately become far too common. They’ve also been unfortunately used by politicians to push their own agendas.

Written by Sean Joseph


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