Pointing to Sky To Honor Dead Classmate Costs High School Game

This year thanks to a new rule in college football touchdowns can be called back for celebrations that occur on the field. In a Louisville,Ohio high school game this past weekend wide receiver Alex Schooley caught a touchdown pass with 1:15 left to give his team a 26-24 lead. Overcome with emotion, Schooley and a teammate pointed to the heavens. Only the players weren’t doing it to draw attention to themselves. When he scored Schooley was honoring a 16 year old former classmate who died in a Monday traffic accident.

Schooley was a pallbearer in the funeral on Friday, the day of the game. His point to the heavens was a tribute to his friend.   

Officials didn’t see it that way, penalizing the Louisville Leopards for excessive celebration. Quoth the officiating supervisor:

“Assistant Ohio High School Athletic Association Commissioner Henry Zaborniak tells Fox 8 News that the penalty was appropriate by the rules.

Zaborniak says while the rule may be open to some interpretation, ‘any prolonged gesture that draws attention to himself is a foul.'”

And in this case pointing to the Heavens was an excessive celebration. As a result, the opposing team received favorable field position, drove down the field, and kicked a field goal as time expired. The Louisville Leopards lost by a single point, 27-26.

Even casting aside the question of whether the official knew the motivation behind the gesture — reportedly, he didn’t — was this really a celebration penalty? A team scores with 1:15 left to take the lead and this is excessive?

Decide for yourself by watching the video of the score.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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