Podcast With Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel; Outkick Pics Coming This Week

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel is a good friend of mine. He’s a college sports muckraker. I make dick jokes. But when we get together on a podcast I rapidly pull him down to my level. We discuss where Nancy Grace’s nip slip ranks in the pantheon of nip slips, Trent Richardson’s wheels, the idea of an SEC final four, and break down the three biggest games of the weekend: Bama at Florida, Clemson at Virginia Tech, and Nebraska at Wisconsin. We also dive in to Texas A&M to the SEC and what it means to the league, discuss who we think should be the 14th team selected for the conference, and discuss the failure that is Lane Kiffin. 

Basically, y’all are going to love it. And you know you need something to stream to kill another day at work. 

Click here to listen.  

Plus, we discuss grandma keg stands. In particular, I’m asking y’all to come up with any other event where the approval rating crests at college — just about everyone approves of a keg stand for college age kids — rapidly declines to virtually a zero percent approval rating for a 45 year old man doing a keg stand, and then surges back to 100% approval rating with grandmas doing keg stands. 

In other words is there anything else in America that has a similar approval rating curve? From 100% to zero and then back to 100%.  

Finally, an announcement, the Outkick the Coverage contest is starting this week. We have ironed out the kinks and there will be photos of guys who have most outkicked their coverage. We’re going to have multiple winners and give away multiple weekends at Spectrum Resorts’ beach properties to the guy’s who have most outkicked their coverage.  

So here’s what I need from you guys and gals.

I need you to email me your outkick pics. Lots of you have been doing this already, but I need you to send them to me anew.

The rules four Outkick the Coverage contest are simple, you have to be 18 or over and you have to be in a relationship, married or otherwise. Girls can send in the pics, guys can send in the pics, you name it, just send them. For the girls out there who are concerned that this is just a hotness contest, no way. We’re asking voters to assess the couple and determine who has outkicked his coverage the most. The hotness of the girl doesn’t matter standing alone, it matters in relation to the guy that you ended up with. Send those pics to me at clay.travis@gmail.com

I promise, girls are going to love this contest every bit as much as the guys. And all of us are going to be amazed how many guys are outkicking their coverage all over the South.  

Plus, the winners receive a beach vacation courtesy of our friends at Spectrum Resorts.  My family will be down on Orange Beach with legendary Alabama coach Gene Stallings this weekend. If you’d like to get the family away to the beach for a final time, give them a call at Call 877-867-4534 and mention the special SEC football weekend package. They’ll hook you up too.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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