Plus-Size Model Remi Bader Unleashes The Fat-Shaming Wokes On A Horse Ranch After Being Told She’s Too Heavy To Ride

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The plus-size community is buzzing over fat-shaming accusations made towards a horse ranch by fashion influencer and TikTok star Remi Bader who claims she was told she couldn’t ride a horse because she was over the weight limit.

Saturday, Bader, 26, fired up TikTok to let the world know about her experience at Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New Jersey and things have taken off from there with the horse ranch playing defense versus the plus-size mob who wants street justice.

“Shoutout to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for making me leave because I weigh over 240,” Bader wrote on her TikTok. “I’ve rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please adverise (SIC) this on your signs for the future,” she added.


I’ve rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please adverise this on your signs for the future.

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“Its the fact of how it wasnt advertised and how poorly it was handled,” Bader continued in the comment section. “This was my experience not yours.”

“It was very embarrassing [sic] to be told I need to leave alone when everyone else got to stay lol.”

This story took a turn when a ranch worker fired up TikTok to tell Bader “When you’re not a fat b-tch you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.”

And then that led to the ranch having to step in, say it doesn’t condone the employee’s behavior and apologize for the comments.

Now, because this is the Internet and we must keep this story going, PEOPLE reached out to Bader for a comment on this fiasco and that’s where she explained the atmosphere at the ranch wasn’t very welcoming.

“I posted for a reason and that’s not because of me being denied to ride the horses. I get it, some places have weight requirements and I’d never want to hurt the horses, but it was the way I was spoken to and laughed at by the owner and the way I was treated overall,” Bader said in a statement. “What I experienced in person was only supported later by the owner’s son’s video, who made very clear that they did not want me there because of my weight and that is truly disappointing.”

“It’s sad the words of others can do that, and I wish it didn’t affect me, but it has become normal for me to have to accept the body shaming and experience daily from social media and in person, and it really just gets exhausting,” she continued. “I will never understand why my size could actually bother someone so much. I really never will.”

All horse ranches have weight requirements, you bozo.

Notice how her press statement is different from her original TikTok statement. Now it’s not that they told her there’s a weight limit, it’s how they disrespected her. Right.

Here’s how this should be handled: Are there any ranches out there willing to let Remi jump up on a horse? Any takers?

Step up, woke ranches.

Remi admits she weighs over 240. A quick Google search reveals a scholar in the field of horse-riding weight limits stating there’s “no horse alive, of any breed, any build, anywhere, that can go more than a few minutes with more weight on its back than [250 pounds].”

This case seems cut and dry — take a hike, we ain’t allowing you to ruin the life of one of our horses. Of course, the Instagram and TikTok big girl club doesn’t want to hear that. They’re not going to allow Remi to be disrespectedddddddd like that and this ranch should be boycotted and put out of business….NOWWWWWWWWW.

Just another day on the Internet. Give the plus-size community 15 minutes. They’ll move on to the next fake war to be mad about.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. I’m confused ??? Is this “ranch” owned by the Eeeeevil Saudis and they won’t let her adopt a puppy ???? Does Amber Heard know about this? Has anyone told Jemele Hill yet? …… Is this gal one of Cam Newton’s dozen or so “baby mammas” ???

  2. As a Wyoming rancher, I wouldn’t let her feed my draft horse (or any of the other horses) much less let her ride on him. However, one of the hog pens is available and I’ll be happy to throw the slop bucket at her several times a day.

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