Playboy Model Tahlia Paris Makes Her Super Bowl Pick, Cowherd Let One Slip & A Bare Knuckle Rib Shot

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It’s good to see some old fashioned Super Bowl content like Chris Applebaum delivered for you guys

The video you see below featuring Playboy model Tahlia Paris in a Mahomes jersey is the work of none other than my old Internet friend Chris Appplebaum, who famously delivered the Carl’s Jr. burger commercials approximately a decade ago where bikini models crushed giant hamburgers. Chris was responsible for the Charlotte McKinney Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl XLIX ad that football fans will never forget.

Years ago, out of the blue, Chris DM’d me to say he was a big fan of my work. It was a huge honor since he’s an absolute genius in knowing exactly how to make content you guys want to see featuring models. There’s nobody better and Friday he debuted the Tahlia Paris Chiefs video via his Eats Channel Instagram account that’s going to be an absolute clicks machine.

By now you guys know what I’ve always said about creating buzz around the Super Bowl. If you’re an Instagram model, throw on a jersey, ripped t-shirt or even just wear eye black and wristbands featuring the colors of the teams playing in the game. It’s guaranteed to have success. Yet here we are on Saturday of Super Bowl week and Tahlia Paris and Vicky Vette are the only two who’ve had success this week. I can lead the Instagram models to water, but I can’t make them drink it.

Ladies, there’s still time to make a name for yourself. Step out from the same content you produce 363 days a year — Father’s Day and Thanksgiving are the exceptions — and expand your empires into the sports world.

• And there it is…the Super Bowl get-in price is below $4,000. Maybe I overestimated Tampa Bay fans and their willingness to drop money on a home game.

• Did you guys watch the Bare Knuckle fights last night on PPV? I caught five fights on the card and I have to say it felt fairly barbaric to me. It is absolutely insane to see some of those guys go five rounds blasting each other in the face with a bare fist. And that kept me watching until the very end where Paige VanZant lost a decision in her bare knuckle debut. She came out tentative — as would I — but turned it on late. It seemed like she just needed to get a sense of what it feels like to be drilled with a bare knuckle and then she was good to go.

• The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship had Shaq in the ring to present belts to one guy. Just when you think Diesel is going to take off a night he shows up at some random fighting promotion.

• BKFC is an absolute zoo. There is a 100% chance of Dana White and the president of the BKFC feuding in 2021. You can feel the BKFC looking for a war and Dana will be sucked in. It’s coming, especially after Paige VanZant makes it known she’s being paid ten times what the UFC was paying her.

• The ‘Never Miss A Super Bowl Club’ is down to three survivors and all three will be at Sunday’s game. The boys have gotten together for 54 years and you’re damn right they were in a Tampa-area bar Friday telling stories for the local media.

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