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The Eagles are still undefeated and have the opportunity to move to 9-0 on Monday Night Football. After a thrilling game between the Bills and Vikings, the Eagles actually need to win just to stay at the top of the NFC rankings. While it is too early to start thinking about the playoff picture and everything I do like the idea of the Eagles having a bit of extra motivation in the game.

The Commanders come into this game as winners of three of their past five games. They actually looked pretty decent in their two losses and both of them were against playoff teams. They did face Philadelphia earlier in the season and lost the game 24-8. There were some issues that Washington was trying to figure out at the time. Those issues haven’t been fully addressed, but they’ve already turned the team over to Taylor Heinicke and I do think that is a better option than Carson Wentz. Their defense, which was expected to be the strength, has played pretty well and hasn’t allowed more than 21 points in their last five games. The game against the Eagles they played really well outside of the second quarter. They allowed 24 points to the Eagles in the one quarter then didn’t allow anything in the other three.

Jalen Hurts is crushing it right now. He’s playing at an MVP level and looking like he has no signs of slowing down. I wasn’t high on the Eagles coming into the year, but I legitimately think they could get through the regular season without losing a game if they want to. The teams they face aren’t anything I’m very concerned about. Now that Miles Sanders is starting to get into form as well I think the offense is starting to look even better than it did early in the season. The question is going to be how the Eagles plan to attack the Commanders tonight. I think tonight they have to turn to the air a bit more than normal as that was where they found the most success the first time they played each other. The first game was a pretty balanced attack from play calling, but keep in mind that Hurts had 340 passing yards, the most he’s had this season.

I don’t think this will be a very high-scoring game. It wouldn’t surprise me if the outcome was a bit better for the Commanders and I do think taking the points with them is a good look. That’s more of a lean than anything though. I’m taking the under 43.5 for the game. There were only 32 points scored in the first one. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this be a 23 – 17 win for the Eagles.

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Written by David Troy

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