Play Over in the Battle of Mississippi

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss, 7:00 ET

The battle of Mississippi takes place this Thanksgiving and as you’re enjoying the coma that your dinner put you into, you can watch college football between two solid teams. I think this game has the potential to be interesting and entertaining enough that we might get a good game. But, how should we play it?

Mississippi State is having a nice year with a 7-4 record but lately, they’ve been getting crushed by anyone with a rank in the nation. Unfortunately for them, Ole Miss is ranked. Over their past five games, they’ve lost three of them. They enjoyed three straight home games and now head on the road for this one. On the year, they are doing pretty well defensively. To me, their most impressive part is that they’ve been able to accumulate 321 yards through the air in almost every game. Will Rogers has been solid with 32 touchdowns and just five interceptions in the games this year. If he gets rolling I think Ole Miss will have a hard time stopping him. They do seem to allow more plays to running backs than quarterbacks though.

Ole Miss comes into the game with an 8-3 record but they are just 4-3 in conference play. They also have lost three of their past five games including their past two games. They’ve played decent teams, so the losses aren’t egregious, but they still are losses. They shouldn’t have been blown out by Arkansas, but they were. Same with the game against LSU. These are two very evenly matched teams, but I do think that their running game could make this really tough on Mississippi State. Most of the edge in this game seems to be that Ole Miss is playing at home. Quinshon Judkins has to be the focus of Mississippi State, right? If they can contain him a bit in this game, I’d expect that Ole Miss loses the game.

I do think this is more of an offensive showcase than a defensive battle. I’m going to play over 59 in this game. There aren’t too many teams that have the quarterback play of Mississippi State, and the running game of Ole Miss should get some chunk yards with relative ease. I think that’s the only way to play this toss up of a game.

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Written by David Troy

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