Place Your Bets: Clay Travis Serves Up Two Super Bowl MVP Longshots

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Worried about that electric bill that’s past due? Settling for another dinner of Dollar General’s finest romaine? Don’t fret. There are still two and half days to lay the mortgage on the line and win big on the Super Bowl. OutKick founder Clay Travis has a couple picks that could change your fortunes in the flick of a switch.

As far as Super Bowl picks go, the popular choices are always picking a team and giving or taking points, the moneyline, and the usual prop bets that trigger excitement from morning radio DJs and local television anchors thirsty for content. There’s the over/under on how long the National Anthem will go, which color Gatorade will soak the winning coach, whether the coin toss will come up heads or tails, and countless others.

But the real money – with the longshot odds – are the bets placed on the Super Bowl MVP. A novice bettor with more nerves than guts is likely wagering on quarterbacks Matthew Stafford or Joe Burrow to walk away as MVP. And though their odds of winning are high, the payouts are generally low. The real money is on the underdogs.

And Clay’s barking about a kicker and a defensive back, both of whom could significantly fatten your wallet.

“You’ve got Evan McPherson for the Bengals bombing through fifty-plus yard field goals,” Travis said Thursday during an appearance on Fox Bet Live. “Let’s pretend that we end up in a game where it’s something like 12 – 9, in that era. You could have McPherson at 120-1 (odds, courtesy of Fox Bet Sportsbook, to win MVP).

Travis continued: “(Rams defensive back) Jalen Ramsey’s been begging to cover Ja’Marr Chase. What if he had a couple of picks, including a pick six?’ Jalen Ramsey, big-time playmaker. 90-1 (odds) there. I like both of those guys as potentially substantial underdogs.”

In the instances Travis mentioned, a $10 bet on McPherson would pay out $1,200 and a roll of the dice on Ramsey, also for $10, would result in a $900 win.

That’s plenty of dough to cover the lights and an upgrade to ribeye.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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