The NBA Is Softer Than Ever: Security Intervenes After Small Jawing Session Between Kevin Durant and P.J. Tucker

To think we were moments away from genuine entertainment in this Bucks vs. Nets series.

Milwaukee’s P.J. Tucker and Twitter’s Kevin Durant have been going at it all night as the Brooklyn Nets look to extend their series lead over the Bucks to 3-0.

Unable to stop Durant on the stat sheet, Tucker started jawing with the Nets All-Star in a poor attempt to get him off his game (23 points and counting). The two started getting into a verbal skirmish before a security guard hilariously thrusted himself at Tucker to protect the players from getting into a potential slap fight.

Golden State Warrior Draymond Green spoke for everyone when he hilariously called out the league for being four-ply layers of soft:

As entertainment value in the NBA Playoffs continues to decline with every uneven box score and the lack of star power, a fight could have potentially reinvigorated the appeal for fans to tune in and get SOME kind of action out of these games. The sport continues its attempts to rebound from lost audiences due to the heavy-handed political campaigns, marring the careers of up-and-coming stars like Devin Booker and Trae Young.

Shortly after the quarrel, the fans in Milwaukee got in on pestering Kevin Durant in a manner that could not be scripted.

By the way, look at that beautiful crowd!

Next time this happens, Commissioner Adam Silver should do the honorable thing and make it acceptable for players to have a minute or two to settle their differences before resuming action. Put them on ice skates while they’re at it.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. …because it worked SO well for the careers of Kermit Washington and Rudy Tomjanovich.
    It wasn’t long ago that the NBA was seen s as a league of criminals and petty thugs. I don’t like where the league has gone over the last decade, but the reputation of violence nearly sank them. Which of course sucks for fans who just want to enjoy the sport at a high level.

    • That long ago? Your average fan has no memory of the league being “known” for criminals and thugs. I can barely remember the Kermit Washington incident, so maybe if you are referring to lane enforcers like the Pistons bad boys or Charles Oakley…or maybe a loon like Ron Artest. Anyway, the soft serve ice cream league led by LeBaby and company isn’t a good product for sure.

      • I don’t disagree. I just wish it weren’t an awful choice between unvarnished thuggery and unqualified pseudo-intellectualism.
        I don’t remember the Kermit Washington incident either; I was either too young or not alive. But that piece of trivia is the only reason anybody remembers who he is.

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