Pittsburgh Steelers Welcome Back Massive, Fan-Favorite Heinz Bottle Sculpture A Year After Its Removal

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You can cancel Aunt Jemima but you can’t cancel the beloved “57” Heinz bottle!

Pittsburgh Steelers fans said a solemn goodbye to Heinz Field last July when the stadium was renamed “Acrisure Stadium” after the longstanding naming rights partnership with the ketchup giant expired.

The collab isn’t fully over as Kraft Heinz announced that the fan-favorite, 35-foot-long ketchup bottle is officially back as part of an ongoing partnership with the venue.

After a year-long absence, the big bottle was a glorious sight.


Acrisure Stadium’s crews were seen reinstalling the massive fiberglass ketchup bottle outside of the North Shore stadium, reported by the Tribune-Review.

Heinz Is Here To Stay

A Kraft Heinz spokesperson released a statement on the renewed team-up with the Steelers’ home stadium.

“As part of Heinz’s continued partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and our evolved presence within the confines of the stadium, we’re thrilled to unveil an Instagram-worthy, experiential photo opportunity with one of the iconic Heinz Field ketchup bottles. …

“This is just one of many ways Heinz continues to support the Pittsburgh community and the Steelers stadium experience.”

The partnership won’t just include the giant ketchup bottle. The home scoreboard will be doused in digital ketchup every time the Steelers score for a tasty feature.

“Every time the Steelers enter the red zone, digital ketchup bottles will ‘pour’ ketchup on the scoreboard,” a Kraft spokesperson previously stated.

Without the help of their cherished sculpture or big Ben Roethlisberger last season, the Steelers went 9-8 and finished third in the AFC North race.

Acrisure will never have the same ring as Heinz Field.

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