Pirates Rodolfo Castro Dropped His Phone Sliding Into Third Base

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What started as a routine slide into third base turned into the exact opposite for Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Rodolfo Castro when his phone tumbled out of his pocket.

Fortunately for all of us — maybe not Castro — the moment was captured by broadcast cameras.

Castro was so focused on the game and didn’t realize that Newton’s First Law had extracted his phone from his back pocket. Third base umpire Adam Hamari had to be the one to let him know that he’d fumbled his phone.

You see people drop their phones constantly, but you don’t see Major Leaguers doing it in the middle of the game. Which brings up the question: why not leave it in the clubhouse, my guy?

If you know you’ve got a game — even if you play for the Pirates and are just going through the motions until late September arrives — you keep your schedule clear and shouldn’t be expecting a call.

I get it, your life is on your phone, you need to protect it at all costs otherwise you’ll have your life ruined for a few days until you can get everything straightened out by your carrier.

Yet for some reason, I feel like my phone is safe if I hide it in my shoe at the beach. By that standard, an MLB clubhouse is as secure as Fort Knox or that Harry Potter bank with the dragons.

Pirates manager Derek Shelton explained why Castro had his phone in his pocket

So why did Castro have his phone on him?

According to Trib Live, Pirates manager Derek Shelton explained that Castro had simply made “a general mistake” and accidentally put the phone in his pocket, then proceeded to go out and play in a Major League Baseball game.

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 27: Manager Derek Shelton #17 of the Pittsburgh Pirates watches the game in the third inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on June 27, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)

“I thought the umpires handled it very well and did a good job,” Shelton said after the game. “There was no intent to do anything. He made a mistake and kept his phone in the pocket.”

Apparently, Castro had mistakenly put his oven-mitt sliding guard over his phone, and inadvertently placed both in his pocket.

Okay, fine; mistakes happen, but Castro is starting to become known for them. The game where he dropped his phone was his first since returning to the big league club. He had previously been down to the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians the day after he chose to not run out a pop-fly which led to a double play in June.

However, it remains to be seen if Castro could face future discipline after the incident because…

…as Ken Rosenthal pointed out, his phone gaffe may have actually violated MLB’s on-field and in-dugout electronics policy.

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