Pilot Reveals Where Poop Goes When A Toilet Is Flushed On A Plane

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Sure TikTok is an application used by the Chinese government to steal all of your information off of your phones and computers. It’s also an application where you can learn about important topics. You know, like perineum sunning and where poop goes when a toilet is flushed on a plane.

A pilot by the name of Flywithgarrett looks like a guy who has done a perineum sunning session or two in his day. He also revealed to his more than 484,000 followers exactly what happens to poop on a plane.

Where Poop Goes When A Plane Toilet Is Flushed
Pilot explains what happens when toilet is flushed (Image Credit: Flywithgarrett/TikTok)

If you’re like me, you’ve always heard it gets dropped directly out of the plane. There’s some sort of tale about how it dissipates before making it to the ground. Spoiler alert, none of that is true.

Garret, the TikTok pilot, set the record straight. He asked, “Did you know that whenever you flush the toilet on the aircraft, it actually doesn’t dump out into the population down below?

“It goes through plumbing to the rear of the aircraft and the seal compartments where the ground crew at the destination will remove all that waste.”

On a 747, on a long haul flight, toilets can be flushed over a thousand times, creating over 320 gallons of waste,” he continued “That’s a lot.”


Ever curious where it goes when you’re on the airplane? 🤢💩✈️

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The Record Has Finally Been Set Straight

Obviously that’s what happens with your poop when you flush a toilet on a plane. To think that it dropped directly out of the plane or that they dumped it over bodies of water is crazy.

The fact that a pilot is discussing it because it’s so widely believed that the waste is being dumped out of planes mid-flight is even crazier.

I’m glad this could all be cleared up for those of you who still believed what you were told, likely as a kid, about what happened to waste on a plane.

Written by Sean Joseph

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