Pilot Dies In Horrifying Crash During Gender Reveal Party In Mexico

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A gender reveal party in Mexico went about as poorly as one of those could go when a plane that was part of the festivities crashed, killing the pilot.

The incident happened in the town of San Pedro in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The video shows an unidentified couple standing in front of an elaborate set with the words “Oh Baby!”

Then, an airplane — specifically a Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee — flies overhead and drops a cloud of pink smoke.

Some of the revelers were too caught up in celebrating the news of the new baby girl to notice that the plane suffered a catastrophic wing failure.

Through the fog of pink smoke, you can see the aircraft’s left wing completely break. This sent the plane tumbling toward the ground.

While the partiers continued to celebrate the gender reveal results, at least one person was aware enough to call the police.

Tragically, the pilot — later identified as 32-year-old Luis Angel N., per The Sun — was killed in the crash.

Authorities arrived on the scene and rushed the pilot to the hospital where he later died, per The New York Post.

Just a tragic situation all around. Unfortunately, those folks will have to live with knowing their social media stunt resulted in someone’s death.

You’d think people would learn from these over-the-over-the-top gender reveal parties. Especially considering this isn’t even the first one that resulted in a fatality.

In 2021, a man in New York was killed by an explosive device that was part of gender reveal festivities.

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