Piers Morgan, Nick Kyrgios Call Out ‘Arrogant’ Megan Rapinoe In Autograph Signing Video

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The piling on of former soccer star turned political activist Megan Rapinoe following the USWNT’s worst-ever performance at the Women’s World Cup remains in full force. Nick Kyrgios and Piers Morgan have even joined in on social media.

A video of Rapinoe from the 2019 ESPYs, the year the USWNT was named ‘Best Sports Team,’ has resurfaced after her missed penalty kick in the team’s loss to Sweden.


In the video, Rapinoe is greeted by a young fan who asks her to sign a soccer ball. While the 38-year-old does sign the ball, she fails to make eye contact or crack anything resembling a smile during the exchange.

Rapinoe hands the ball back to the young kid with an almost look of disgust on her face. Her fiancée, Sue Bird, sitting next to her couldn’t care less about the moment either.

Morgan captioned the video with the caption “diabolical arrogance” with Kyrgios admitting that he agrees with Morgan’s thoughts.

Rapinoe has signed thousands and thousands of autographs in her day, and while she’s certainly not required to acknowledge every fan with her utmost attention, she is well aware that the cameras are very much on her at all times, especially at an award show presented by ESPN, the company that’s essentially crowned her the queen of sport.

It’s interesting, Rapinoe managed to smile and even laugh after missing a penalty kick that helped send the USWNT home from the World Cup but couldn’t manage the same when taking three seconds to sign a soccer ball for a fan.

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  1. Professional athletes and entertainers always surprise me with fan interactions. We create ideas about people in our heads, and then they either meet our expectations us or disappoint us.

    This particular interaction comes across very elitist. We don’t see the whole clip, so maybe she smiled and asked for his name ahead of signing, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Gary McCord, former CBS sports golf analyst and Tin Cup cameo actor was a complete fraud. He was always calling himself “A man of the people” and hanging with folks in the gallery supposedly. Not true.

    I had multiple interactions with him at the Torrey Pines Hilton as an employee, and he barely spoke to anyone. Wouldn’t make eye contact. Was approached by a father and son in a basically empty hotel lobby and scoffed and turned away when they told him they were big fans.

    Makes me wonder what Rapinoe would’ve been like had there been no one around.

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